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Happy Birthday to me!

Dear hubby asked me Sunday evening what I wanted for my birthday. Bless his heart. My birthday is the 28th. Good thing he didn’t wait until the last minute or anything. But did he have to ask? I’m pretty simple. What do I want for anything?  Ummm , yarn. A gift card to Hobby Lobby so I can buy some yarn. A certificate for Knit Picks or, for, yes, more yarn. If that doesn’t work, jewelry or gemstones, my second love, is also good. How long has he known me? Not long, apparently. We’ve only been married since 91. Again, bless his heart.

Why he’s my favorite today.

Dear son #2, Patrick, asked me in the Dr office how old I was.  I asked back, “How old do you think I am?”  He thought for a minute, and answered, “I think you’re 20.”

I told him from now on, whenever ANY lady asks him how old he thinks she is, that 20 is the correct answer.  Think about it.  If you’re 16, don’t you want to look 20?  If you’re, ahem, in your mid-30’s, don’t you want to look 20?

I bought him peanut m & m’s.

I’m so cool

Weather this week is in the 100’s, but I’m cool because I snagged 4 first place ribbons for knitting/crocheting at the county fair! The winners are those awesome socks, my brown boa scarf, the teal suede shawl, and the snugle bunny. I rock!


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