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Ravelry Rocks!

Can I just say how much I am loving  It’s just so neat.  I wanted a way to keep track of my projects, since they now outnumber my brain cells apparently, and this allow me to do that, and so much more.  Plus, since I have 4 nieces now, I have a great way to know what I’ve already made each one, and with what yarn, and if it was for a birthday or Christmas or whatever!  And there’s free patterns, and links to patterns to buy.  And if you see something you might want to do someday, it lets you put that in your queue and even list what yarn you want to use.  Oh and there’s a stash part too.  I don’t even want to go there.  I know I have a lot, I prefer to just look at it in it’s numerable boxes.  I think I may have a heart attack if I ever say everything online listed out.  Not to mention what it would do to dear hubby.   He may never let me go to Hobby Lobby again.  Although, I did make some progress on his Bucs blanket yesterday.  I’m almost done with the letter part on the bottom.  Yay!  Then it’s several rows of just black sc until I get started on the picture part.


New Socks

These are in the falling leaves pattern, from  When I finished them, I thought, I wonder if I have enough yarn left over to make another pair?  I didn’t make these very long.  Hmmm.  So, I thought, if I do just a plain toe-up pair, I’ll just see how far I get.  How far I got was not far enough.  They are now in the process of being a pair for my middle son.  He likes green too, although not as much as orange.

Falling Leaves Socks

Oh my gosh, I forgot about the cookies!

Sorry to anyone who was looking for those cookies.  I completely forgot.  My kids soccer games were so good this weekend, that I didn’t get any knitting done, and was trying to make up for it in my spare time.  Then we went out to get son #1 some new tennies Sunday afternoon, then it was cutting the grass and fixing supper and bathtime and story time and, well you get it.  Without futher ado, here it is.  One rule, if you have kids, you MUST let them “help”, in honor of my mom.

Mom’s Sugar Cookies

1 c shortening

2 c sugar

2 eggs

1 c milk

4 tsp baking powder

6 c flour

Cream first 2 together, then add in eggs.  Gently stir in milk.  This will help to dissolve the sugar granules.  Add in 2 cups at a time of the flour, also mixing in the baking powder.  The last cup or so will probably have to be kneaded in.  Then divide up amongst your kids and sprinkle a board liberally with flour.  Roll out and cut into desired shapes and bake on ungreased sheet for 8 to 10 minutes at 375.  You can vary the thickness depending on your likes.  My Dad likes them thin and crispy.  When I bake for him, I let them just start to get brown on the edges.  Then he can dunk them in his coffee.  My sister and I like them thicker and more on the cake-y side.  My husband for whatever reason can’t seem to eat them plain, he has to have frosting.  My brother will eat them however my sister and I make them.  One last thing, they are way better the next day, so if you want them today, you have to make them yesterday.  You will be amazed at the difference in the taste.  Go ahead and try one right out of the oven, then put the rest in a tupperware container or something, and try one tomorrow.  See, better.  Have fun, and if you like them, look up and thank my mom.

Baby blanket for Coach Tony

Baby blanket for Coach TonyOk, so Coach Tony isn’t even Middle Son P’s soccer coach this year, but I couldn’t resist making him a baby blanket when I found out that his poor wife was expecting son #3.  Having some experience with 3 boys, I got the frilliest blue yarn I could find, even on clearance at HL.  This is how smart I am sometimes.  I only had 3 balls of each color!  So, how did I manage to make 4 blocks?  I think it may have been the Mountain Dew helping, but this is what I did…  copying a pattern (adapting it for a way smaller size) from my Creative Knitting magazine, I took one ball of the light blue and divided it in half.  The hard way.  I unwound the whole thing, then took both ends held together until I reached the middle.  Then, tied a slip knot, and did it again.  No, I’m not anal, I just didn’t want to waste any of my clearance yarn.  ($1.50 a ball!!!!)  When I was satisfied I had halfsies, I cut the yarn and re-rolled into 2 balls.  I started at the lower left corner, this is sort of like the mitered square pattern, except that I think you increase in every row on this one.  At any rate, I just kept going until I was just about out of the first 1/2 ball of light blue, took note of how many stitches I was across, and did one entire ball of the dark blue until  I was just about out, and, made note of that # too, so I could make sure my squares were all the same #.  There was no binding off on this one… you do the lower left square, leaving all stitches on a spare cable, then do the diagonal opposite square, then use half of those and pick up half from the first square and do decreases down on the other 2.  Then, I had some other fuzzy yarn (99 cents) that I used for a sc border.  Does that make any sense?  This pattern was so nice, especially the part about not having to really bind anything off.  On the other 2 squares, you just kept decreasing down to 3 stitches, then do a triple decrease to 1 and cut the yarn.  I also liked that they told you to purl the last stitch of each row and then slip the first stitch knitwise.  The whole thing was done in garter, and this made a nice edge that I am copying onto that adaptation of Bloom for the cape for my niece.

Anna’s Halter

Anna’s Halter

This is the cute little halter top I made for little niece Anna. Her birthday is Dec 15, and it’s already done! I used the cottontots yarn, a pattern from, made the 18 month size, and just barely dipped into the 2nd skein. I also did crocheted ties instead of the i-cord.

Christmas has begun

Went over to Hobby Lobby this morning, boys in tow, to stock up on some pitter patter yarn that 2 of my nieces are in love with. I plan on making a blanket for the youngest, the same niece that I made the halter top for for her birthday in December. The older one will be getting a dress up cape, and a ruffley scarf if I have enough yarn (enough yarn, ha, like I’ll run out) left over. I ended up buying not pitter patter for her, I got something else that was also on sale, so we’ll see how that turns out. I’m adapting a pattern from knitty called Bloom. The cardigan for the oldest niece of all (4) is well on its way. Back and 2 fronts are done, and I’m working on sleeve #1. I had to change that pattern as well, I made a different ruffle at the bottom and am adding ribbing to the sleeves. Details to follow upon completion.

2007 Kansas State Fair Ribbon Winners!

Here (finally) are the items that won me ribbons at the Kansas State Fair last month:

EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket This is my first attempt at EZ’s baby surprise jacket. It won a FIRST PLACE RIBBON in the infant jacket class. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the buttons are little mittens.
Fair Isle Snowflake Hat This is also a first attempt, at fair isle. It’s a snowflake hat, pattern from It too won a FIRST PLACE RIBBON in the hat class.
Crocheted Ruffled Boa Even though I’ve been crocheting since I can remember, like 8 years old, which is, well, a very much long time ago, and even though I’ve only been knitting for 3 years, apparently the Kansas State Fair people think I knit way better then I crochet. This is a crocheted ruffled boa, pattern adapted from Lion Brand Yarn website. It won a THIRD PLACE RIBBON in the “crochet, other than classified” class. I wasn’t there to see what beat me, I was with the Yarn Harlot that afternoon.
Broadripple Socks This is my best. They’re the broadripple socks, pattern from Yarn from KnitPicks, no longer available, in the Star Gazer Lily color. So pretty. I was so glad to see these win a ribbon, but SECOND PLACE? I thought I did really really good. Until I saw what won first….
What Beat My Socks Subtitled, “Why There Needs To Be A Separate Class For Socks And Just Not Lump Everything Into The “Knitting, Other Than Classified” Class.’
P.S.: That’s my oldest son peeking around the corner.

So, there you have it. I am starting to work on Christmas presents now. One niece has a birthday in December too, and I actually finished her present, a little halter top (, this past weekend when the soccer games were all canceled. I’ll put up pictures of that when hubby isn’t mad at me anymore for helping to upload these. Apparently we have blog issues.


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