Christmas Knitting, so far

I have a lot to do.  Oh my gosh.  Went to Michaels for that sale, and bought the wool-ease I need to do my cable luxe tunic, someday, then went back again after I figured out some Christmas presents for family.   Came home and finished hubby’s wool of the Andes socks, which he promptly put on and slept in.  Now, I’m almost done with Lauren’s cape, I’m doing sc, ch 15 around the sides and bottom edge, and it’s taking forever.  I whipped out a ruffled boa scarf for SIL Deb, and started working on a nice cable scarf for her hubby.  I had bought the right yarn at Michael’s, and tried Wendy’s no cable needle cabling, which is great, and was thinking that the knitting seemed just a little tight.  So, I glanced at the recommended needle for the yarn.  It said 13.  My pattern says 10 1/2.  I was like what?  Then I saw it.  Pattern calls for wool-ease chunky.  I got thick and quick.  Wouldn’t be a problem, except that the chunky is 150 yards, and the t&q is 100.  So, I’m going to try to whip through this today and see how long it is with just one skein, otherwise I may have to go back.  Darn.


1 Response to “Christmas Knitting, so far”

  1. 1 Allison November 18, 2007 at 5:16 pm

    Isn’t it so gratifying when you knit your husband socks and he immediately wears them for days? I mean, yes, it’s kinda gross that they don’t get washed after wear, but still nice that they appreciate the work we do!

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