Chunky vs. Thick and Quick

Remember that scarf I was making where I bought the wrong yarn? Well, here’s what I did. I thought that it was looking a little tight, and since the instructions listed 10 1/2 size, that’s what I was using, even though I was using the wrong yarn. The yarn label suggested 13. So, after about 18 inches or so of knitting, I decided the best thing to do was to frog. I ripped the whole thing back and figured out that I needed to figure out if the one skein would make a long enough scarf. So, before I cast on, I unwound the rest of the skein, and found both ends, and made a big pile until I worked my way to the middle. I tied a little slip knit in it, and then used the slip knot and one end and worked my way to 1/4 of the yarn. Then I cast on using the bigger needle, thinking I’d work to that first slip knot, measure it, and multiply by 4 to get the approximate length of what it would be if I just used that one. It turned out to be 8 inches. Times 4. That’d be 32 inches for a scarf for a BIG man.

I went out and bought more. Note to self…next time, read the instructions better. It does look nice though.


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