Kristen’s Scarf

Kristens Scarf

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This is the scarf I’m making for my almost sister in law Kristen. She’s set to marry my brother Kyle as soon as they can figure out when. I’m making her scarf in purple and Wool-ease wheat, which I love. I am also making the same pattern, but without fringe for Kyle, also in the Wool-ease wheat, but Kyle’s in in the thick and quick. So, it’s almost like they match. Sort of.

We had our annual visit to the portrait studio last night, and I have a black and white receipt proving once again that I have the cutest boys in the universe. Tonight’s my weigh in at WW, and then I get to run away to my sock club thingie while Daddy finishes son #1’s school project and gets all 3 boys baths and hair washed! Bets now will be taken concerning if all 3 things actually happen.


1 Response to “Kristen’s Scarf”

  1. 1 dale-harriet in WI November 28, 2007 at 10:47 pm

    What a STUNNER that scarf is! And you know – reading about it, I suddenly remembered an extra stash, hidden in plain sight (a wicker basket right in the hall; I look at it every day but haven’t been INSIDE it for months and months!) and I have some Wool-ease too! Yummy – it’s been resurrected, and I have big Plans for it.

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