Dad’s Fugly Rug

Dads Fugly Rug 1

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This is the story of the fugly rug.  This is a long story.  It started many years ago, so long ago that I’m not quite sure which child I was pregnant with at the time.  Sadly, this story begins with a death.  My father has a friend, named Scott, who’s mother passed away.  They know each other from a model train club.  Anyway, Scott came to my dad several weeks after his mom died, hoping my dad could help him.  See, Scott and his dad had started the process of going through his mom’s things, and giving them away, and sorting through and all that.  Only thing was, they really didn’t know anyone else who crocheted like the mom did.  Scott says to my dad, “Hey, do you know anyone who crochets?”  My dad, bless his heart, says, “Well, sure, one of my daughters does, and I’m not sure about the other one, but let me take the yarn over to them and if they can’t use it, they’ll sure find someone who can.”

Oddly enough, not only was I visiting my sister at the time ( we were living in FL, she in IL, so that was not that often), but also, part of that visit was for me to finally teach her to crochet.  My dad asked when we’d be home so he could bring the yarn over, and when he did, OH MY GOSH.  He has a Dodge Ram BIG GINORMOUS truck, and the back was completely filled.  You know those 40 or 50 gallon garbage bags?  There was like 20 of them.  Dad said he’d make another trip to bring over the boxes of patterns.  Yes, boxES.  We thought we’d won the lottery.

We set up immediately in her basement on her ping pong table, separating into color families.  It was so much fun.  Some of the labels on the yarn indicated that it had been bought at stores that had gone out of business at least 10 years prior.   We easily agreed that she’d get most of the purple and I’d get most of the green, and soon we ran out of room on the table.  We started to get out boxes for some colors.  Then we ran into a dilemma.   We found some yarn that in its day I’m sure had been the epitome of fashion.  But, to our eyes, it was so hideous that it hurt to look at it.  We dubbed one box “THE FUGLY YARN”.  A few days later, Dad came over to check on our progress, and was drawn right to that box.  One of told him, Ewww, Dad, that’s the fugly yarn.   He was not at all amused, and he thought the colors were quite nice.  Thus, a plan was hatched.

Since I was living farther away, we thought it’d be better if I worked on it, since there’d be less likely of a chance of him seeing it.  We decided though, that very few things would really be appropriate for such colors.  I thought, how about a rug?  That way, at least we’d get to walk on it, and Dad can enjoy his fugly colors.  So, I triple stranded crocheted a shell pattern, estimating the length of floor from his stove to his sink, and made a long skinny, runner like rug.  I wasn’t there when it was presented to him, but apparently, he wasn’t quite  sure what to do with it, and now it’s a lap blanket.  Bless his heart.

Plan 2.  I need to make a rug that’s obviously a rug.  Small enough that it’s can’t be mistaken for an afghan.    Still had plenty of fugly left, so triple stranded again, this time knitting.  The pattern’s pretty simple, size 13 needles, cast on 50.  Do 3 or 4 rows of garter st, then 10 rows of K5, K10, P10, K10, P10, K5, then 10 rows of K5, P10, K10, P10, K10, K5.  So, you have blocks of purls and knits.  You can make the blocks higher so they’re square, but I liked the rectangle.  Keep going until your rug looks the right size.  Or until you’re almost out of yarn, then do 3 or 4 more rows of garter and bind off.

Note: Still have fugly yarn left.  Going to make Dad a matching seat cushion for his dining room.


2 Responses to “Dad’s Fugly Rug”

  1. 1 dale-harriet in WI December 3, 2007 at 11:38 am

    OK now, see I think that’s “rich autumnal colors”! Dare I say I like it too? {grin}

    I inherited some yarn too – the boss of a dear friend lost his wife, and gave my friend her yarn asking if she knew any knitters (thankyouGod!). So she sent it to me. It’s not a huge stash, less than 20 skeins, but it’s beautiful colors, all my favorite – and with the exception of three skeins of high-quality wool in white, all hand-dyed and possibly hand-spun. I’m saving it, haven’t decided what to make yet, but I stroke it and thank the Knitter Deceased for the grand gift, circuitous as it might be. Her yarn IS in good and loving and appreciative hands.

  2. 2 Allison December 4, 2007 at 7:17 am

    OMG. I love Thank you SO MUCH for leaving that link on my blog! I’m totally getting the “more people read this tshirt than your blog” shirt. And the calendars- WOW.
    You ROCK.

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