Christmas, so far

Let’s see.  Tree is up.  Decorating went smashingly.  I sat there and listened to the kids exclaim “Oh, I remember this one!”  It was great.  Never got to cookie baking, though, but some new ornaments were added to the tree.  I’m striving for one day to have not one single store-bought ornament on there.  We like the wooden ones you can paint or color with markers, and the foam-y ones that you can glue together.  I got a few kits a couple years ago from Oriental Trading Company, and since each kit came with the stuff to make like 12 or so, they’re still around.  I think I may have to re-stock up for next year though.

I finished the scarf for sister’s hubby, Jim, last night, but didn’t feel like dragging out the camera, so I’ll put up pictures later.  Then I went stash-diving to hunt for some suitable yarn for this little bag thing I’m making for soon to be sister in law Kristen.  It’s a free pattern off of and I’m planning on taking some netting and making a little envelope out of it, and placing it inside of the little bag, so as to make sort of a sachet.  I will go on the hunt Saturday for some potpourri or lavender seeds or something.  I may make another one for my MIL as well.  It’s going rather easy.

It snowed today, and was so pretty.  The 2 older boys played in it as soon as they could, but I couldn’t convince Russell to go out until later, right when the other 2 came in, so that changed his mind.

I think that’s all for now.  Been pretty boring.  Oh, finished surprise thing for sister, which I won’t talk about here, just in case she ever stumbles across this.  It is on Ravelry, though, for those who have access.


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