Getting there

Kristins Sachet

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Ok, I’m on the home stretch. Does anyone else think the following is odd? Yesterday, I really needed to seam up the little cardigan for niece Abby. I have been scared to do the arms, as they’re those set in ones, with a curvey edge, and I’ve only seamed up straight edge knitting before. This made me very nervous, and to give you an idea of how I’ve been procrastinating, I finished knitting the sweater at the beginning of November. It’s been sitting in a bucket waiting for a yarn needle. So, I promised myself, if you can just seam up one side, you can start yourself a new sock. I’ve been suffering from something, since I finished the sock for my sister, I haven’t been working on ANY socks, and it was making me a bit crazy. So, I bribed myself. And the scary part? It worked. I seamed up one whole side of that sweater. Pictures will come later. The sock is from, her feather and fan pattern, but I’m changing it a little. Like I did a different colored toe, and since the pattern is a multiple of 18, I only increased on the front needle, and left the bottom ones the same # as my normal socks. Oh, almost forgot, the pic is the little sachet I made for Kristen, brother’s fiance, to put some potpourri in. Problem, my potpourri is rancid. So, I’m making her soap instead. I’m almost there, I think.


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  1. 1 Robin December 14, 2007 at 10:04 pm

    Actually making a sweater scares me. I can do socks but I am afraid of sweaters. I do have a Wallaby on the needles for my youngest daughter. I might finish it someday. LOL.

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