Kyle’s Slippers

Kyles Slippers

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Yes, these are the Grandpa 60 slippers, but in reality, I think for this pair, I have to change the name to “Grandpa 60/Aunt Dee slippers”. They both would be so proud. I’ve told you about Grandpa 60 before, although there’s so much more to tell, but let me say a few things about Aunt Dee. She wasn’t really my aunt, but my dad’s. She was the sister of his mom, the grandma we called Nana, the grandma who taught me to crochet. Those sisters were raised so way different that I was. They dressed for dinner. Nana wore white gloves to church. They also used everything, and what they didn’t use, they saved. You didn’t just throw stuff away, it’d come in handy later. That may explain why, after Aunt Dee’s death, my dad and his sister found approximately 427 empty margarine tub containers, with their lids, stored in the cupboard. For these, my brother’s slippers, I used not only yarn I had in my stash already, but also teeny balls of yarn that only held a yard or too. Now, previously, I would save those anyway, because everyone knows there are uses for yarn that’s too short to crochet/knit with. Like seaming, or stuffing, or putting outside for the birds to make nests with, or to add adornments to Christmas ornaments, etc etc. Since I’m anal, I actually first laid out the teeny balls of yarn in a color sequence that looked sort of pleasing, then, because I’m even more anal/OCD (take your pick), I then unwound each ball and found the halfway mark and cut, and then tied them each together in order. You know, so each slipper would match? It’s hard to tell from the picture, since I took the left side on one and the right side of the other, but if you study it a minute, and if you’re anywhere near as anal as I am, you may catch it. Look at the toe on the left slipper. See that red? That matches the red on the bottom few rows on the right slipper. Then on the left you can barely make out the blue before you see the pink. Same with the right. Cool, huh? Let’s see if Kyle figures out they match. Oh, important note…there’s no pompom on these because I suck at pompoms. I’m sending up some multicolored variegated yarn with these and my sister has agreed to make them and attach. That’s why I left the strings so long.


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