On the home stretch…

Abbys Cardigan Ruffle Closeup

Originally uploaded by YarnDork

Here’s a close up of that adorable ruffle on Abigail’s cardigan. As for other Christmas knitting, it’s coming along. All I have to finish before Christmas is the boys’ slippers, and those shouldn’t take long. The problem is that I can’t work on them while they’re awake, I don’t want to take the chance that one of them walks in on me. And then once they’re asleep, I usually don’t think about them. Instead I pick up one of the other things that don’t have to be done until the 29 or something like that, when hubby goes down to FL to visit his parents and go to a Buc’s game. His brother lives down there as well, so the gifts for Les, Michele, and their 2 daughters (how come they get girls, huh?) don’t have to be done until then. Although, little Lauren’s are done. I’m going to have to whip out a little blanket for Anna, she just turned one, and her birthday present will be hand delivered too. The hard part is figuring what to make for the other family that lives down there in our old house. Right now, I have no idea, and Steve isn’t really helping. So, the whole hand knit thing may be out of the question for them unless one of us comes up with something pretty quick.


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