The Countdown begins

One week from tomorrow. Which means that one from today is panic day. The day I should, God willing, have most everything done and packed and ready to get in the car. I have vowed that I will be done enough by 8 pm so I can stop guilt free and watch the season premiere of Monk and Psych. Oh, yeah, we’re going to Hawaii. My hubby, during his years of consulting, earned enough frequent flyer miles that we’re flying all 5 of us to Hawaii and it’s not costing us anything. And we’re bringing my sister and her hubby too, partly so they can help us watch the 3 boys, and partly because we like them. She wants me to teach her to knit on the plane. They live near Chicago, so they’re getting on a plane there and going to Minneapolis. We’re getting on a plane here in Kansas City and going to Minneapolis, where all 7 of us will get on one big plane to Hawaii. There will be our first charge, since we’re not staying on the big island, we’re paying like $50 a person or something for a round trip from the big island over to Kauai. I think I spelled that right. I now have so many lists in my head, I’m almost too busy to panic about whether or not the TSA people will be having a good day and, God willing again, not take away my sock knitting. The big flight is like 7 hours. I don’t think I can go 7 hours without knitting. Great, now I’m panicking. I need a Mountain Dew. Or some Reese’s pieces. Or both.


1 Response to “The Countdown begins”

  1. 1 Meredith January 4, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    I’ve done a lot of flying in the past few years (including most recently to Alaska to spend Christmas with my family; the thought of 9 hours stuck on a plane without knitting is almost enough to make me cry), and I’ve never had TSA take away my needles. I have had the x-ray guy flag my bag a few times, but invariably, that ends with the guy who searched my bag giving the x-ray guy a hard time for flagging the knitting needles. I can only suppose that, in their minds, knitting is so closely associated with their grandmothers that they don’t see how it could be a threat. And they probably think I’m quaint.

    But if you’re really worried about it, fly with wooden needles. They don’t show up as anything hazardous, so they don’t get flagged.

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