Made it back

We’re at home again. Some of us are not happy to be here. Hawaii was very nice, details to follow. Here’s a few highlights…

1. Found most expensive milk…$7.29 a gallon.

2. Went to the most fabulous luau. Sang Happy Birthday to David there. Very yummy food, for dessert I had more Kalua pork and cabbage and some more pineapple.

3. Farmer’s Market pineapples bigger and cheaper than the ones in the store. Ginormous pineapple for $3 at the market, smaller one for $4 at the store. Guess which one tasted better?

4. When you use that spray sunscreen, it works better if you rub it in after spraying. Guess how I know.

5. FOUND THE ONLY LYS ON KAUAI!!!!! Even bought some yarn there, but sadly they didn’t have anything local. Somehow, some baby alpaca chunky weight followed my sister home.

6. Before this trip, I thought I didn’t really care for boat rides. On the ocean. In a smallish boat. Now I know. Dramamine doesn’t always help. Dolphins are really cute close up. As I was hanging on to the rope railing for dear life, they swam by, and the other “tourists” all ran over to where they were. I said, I’m not going to do that, mostly because that would mean letting go. I thought, If the dolphins want me to see them, they’ll come over here. And they did. Did several leaps in front of me and some babies did those spinning leaps.

7. Fresh coconut milk tastes nothing like what you get if you buy a brown coconut in the store and hammer a screwdriver into it.

8. I had a Mai Tai with an umbrella in it. But not in a pineapple. Or a coconut.

9. That last morning at the beach was probably the most fun we all had the entire week.

10. There’s no place like home.


1 Response to “Made it back”

  1. 1 Meredith January 20, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound, although we would have understood if you’d just decided to stay in Hawaii. It sounds like you had a great trip, even if there was possibly some sunburn and seasickness. But at least the sunburn can serve as proof that you spent time in the sun!

    Anyway, glad to have you back. Good luck on re-entry to normal life!

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