First Full Day on Kauai

We all woke up at I don’t even remember what time. But we did feel a bit better. I woke up with a screaming headache that 4 extra strength tylenols sort of helped. The resort had a breakfast buffet that was free on your first morning, so we went there and filled up on fresh pineapple and eggs and bacon and very yummy banana bread. Then we all went back to the room. That walk down to the pool area where the breakfast area was seemed like miles, but I think it was just because we were still a little out of it.

At the room, the boys and men were all tired. Full tummies, you know. Sis and I were tired too, but we thought of all the things that needed doing, and thought we’d sleep better if some of them got done first. I can’t rest too well when I know there’s a huge list of tasks waiting for me when I get up. So, the guys all napped while Sis and I tried to re-create the grocery list we had so diligently worked on the previous week that she forgot up in IL. I can’t say much though, because Hubby and I forgot ALL 3 guide books on Kauai that we had bought and highlited, and bookmarked etc, etc.

Sis and I headed down to Walmart. Yes, there is a Walmart everywhere. We got to see things that we had missed on the way from the airport because it was dark. It was very beautiful. I had sis drive because we thought she was closest to being at least half capacity. I just gawked. And read the map. And tried to remember backwards directions from last night, because the Walmart was basically right by the airport, so we were re-tracing. We did find it, with no wrong turns or anything. 2 girls. Wow.

We go in there and in about an hour manage to spend at least $140. I told her not to tell me how much, since she was paying that one, and I didn’t want to deal with the guilt right then. But she and hubby play a neat game while they’re waiting in line called “guess how much?” We changed the rules a bit, guessing how much it would cost back home and how much here. Let’s just say it was close to double. The neat thing was, there was an entire aisle devoted to leis, and shell things, and stuff like that. It even had the sign hanging from the ceiling, you know like the one for bread and jelly and boxed dinners. This one said leis and shells and other things I can’t remember. Only in Hawaii.

After I had had a Mountain Dew, breakfast of the gods, I felt like I could drive back ok, so she could check out the scenery. So, we shooed the chickens away from the minivan (there must have been like 30 just roaming around the parking lot), and made it back to the resort without any wrong turns again. Then we, well, I just drove right past our building. We got to the end, and were like, wait, did we miss it? But we did find the path to the sandy beach, and a walkway down to a cool rocky beach. Pictures will be coming whenever hubby downloads them from his computer onto flickr.

We went back and the guys were waking up, so they all went down to the pool and sis and I died. I don’t even remember what we did for dinner that night. Funny.


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