Guess what I found in Hawaii?

Hawaii2008 144, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

No, really, guess. You’ll never guess. SHEEP! We saw these on a wrong turn. We drove into Koloa looking for this fish market that was supposed to have really good plate dinners. When we got into town, we didn’t realize that our entry point was about the halfway mark of the main street. So, we turned toward what we thought was the town, and drove past and didn’t see the fish market, and just kept going, thinking we’d get there. Hubby had the bright idea to try and look for an address to see if we had maybe missed it. A while after the sheep, we found an address. So, we turned around with a promise to come back to the sheep and get a picture later. The fish market was quite possibly the smallest room ever. I stayed outside with the boys and played with a one-eyed cat who was very friendly until some bicyclists came up with plastic bags on their handlebars and the wind whipping through those bags scared the cat. Steve, Kristi, and Jim all went inside. I asked Kristi to order something for me so Steve didn’t have to try to think enough to pick something for him, something for the boys, and something for me. She chose wisely. Actually, they all did. Steve got for the boys some fried chicken. I can’t even remember what he got, but if he reads this, he can feel free to edit/leave a comment as to what his meal was. Jim got this tuna with caper sauce that I wanted to eat right up. Kristi picked 2 things for us to share. One was Kalua pork and cabbage, and the other was tea-leaf wrapped pork. Sounds odd, right? Oh my gosh. I alternated bites of each, and still couldn’t decide what I liked better. For desert, we cut up a pineapple. That was the day we went to the Farmer’s market. That’s a funny story, worthy of a new paragraph.

Steve had read about these markets, and how they’re apparently quite cutthroat. So, we get there early to get a good place in line. It’s over at this ball field. There’s a guy in a rain jacket holding everybody back until the official open. Steve was saying we had better get in there or there wouldn’t be anything left. So, he went and got near the front while Kristi, Jim and I and the boys waited off to the side. I figured if there was going to be some kind of mad stampede for fruit, I’d rather be next to it than in it. Steve was getting his competitive on though. It was rather funny/cute. I wondered how fast could this really be. Answer…not very. The raincoat guy suddenly motioned a couple of people to go on in. We were several hundred feet away from the actual stands, and turns out these were sort of the pre-boarding ones. One guy with a cane, a couple of strollers, etc. When they had progressed enough, he let everyone else go. It was not as fast as Steve had anticipated, to say the least. I said to Kristi, so, that’s what a mad stampede looks like on Kauai.

When we all did finally make it over there, there was lots of goodies. I’ll continue this on another post, because I just realized that I have a picture of what all we got. To be continued…


2 Responses to “Guess what I found in Hawaii?”

  1. 1 Cheryl January 24, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    They have sheep? Now I have to go.

  2. 2 dorkyquilts February 23, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    Oh hey! I spoke to soon! You did go to the south side…and they have sheep???? Who knew? Okay…did you happen to go to the WEST side? No wait, don’t answer…I’ll keep reading your blog. Love the pics!

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