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Hawaii2008 020, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

This picture was taken by my hubby as I was looking out over these lava rock cliffs. It was a short walk down the rocky beach and up a hill. I was standing there thinking that if someone wanted to commit suicide, that would certainly do the trick. I didn’t get too close to the edge though. It’s not that I’m afraid of heights; it’s that I’m afraid of depths. It was a looooong way down. And more lava rocks on the bottom. You’d really have to time a jump so as not to land on the crashing waves. I think if there had been a chair, or a seat, or a comfy rock, and if I had some yarn with me, I could have literally stayed there all day just listening to the sound of the waves. I can’t really describe it, but it’s one of the memories I will treasure always. We used to live in FL, and visited the beaches on the Gulf occasionally, but there wasn’t the same sound. It’s somehow peaceful and powerful, soothing and terrifying. I wish I had had some kind of recording device to tape that sound and have it with me. For now, I’ll just be happy I have the memory. And, yes, if you’re wondering, I am that tiny in real life. Or smaller, the camera adds 10 pounds, you know.


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