The Haul from the Farmer’s Market in Koloa

Hawaii2008 029, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Ok, not totally true. The smallest pineapple we got at a grocery store. It cost more than the bigger 2. And didn’t taste as good either. That’s my mystery hand holding up a coconut. See, I did drink something out of a coconut. Let me tell you, the milk out of a FRESH coconut is way better than those brown ones you get in the store. Let’s see if I can name off some of what all we got. There’s mango’s or papaya’s, I can never remember which, but no body liked them. Good thing someone bought 5 of them. There’s oranges, tangerines, tangelo’s, grapefruit the size of a newborn’s head, 3 different kinds of tomato’s, scallions, green beans, some kind of little citrus thing that looked like roundish kumquats, but Kristi said the lady called them something that started with an S. I think there may have been one other orange variety, but it’s all such a blur now. Oh, I forgot the bananas. Wow, were they good. That was the only thing that we got way too little of. They were smaller than I’m used to, these were like 4 inches at the most, and so super-concentrated in the banana flavor. I could have eaten a whole bunch by myself. I don’t think we were expecting them to be that good. The ones here now taste like cardboard. I’m ruined forever.


1 Response to “The Haul from the Farmer’s Market in Koloa”

  1. 1 dorkyquilts February 23, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    Okay…this is getting embarrassing. I’ve only been to the Kapaa Farmer’s market. I didn’t know Koloa had one. Sigh…

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