Just another day at the beach

Hawaii2008 135, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

This was the morning that Steve, my sister, and Jim went on their helicopter ride. I wasn’t planning on going down to the beach, so I didn’t put sunscreen on the boys. We just started off on a walk, and ended up here. It was so beautiful. Those rocks in the backgound provided a nice breakwater for the waves, so that little area between the boys and the rocks was just a nice pond that ebbed and flowed depending on the waves at the time. Right there, you see them digging tide pools. Patrick was down to his armpit at the time. They had such great fun. The only thing missing was a shave ice stand.

On knitting notes, I have dug into my Hawaii yarn. The bamboo will be a pair of socks, regular toe ups, no pattern, the yarn is enough by itself. The self striping wool is becoming a pair of fingerless gloves. I couldn’t really find a pattern I liked, so I’m making one up. I’m borrowing parts from about a dozen other patterns, and the cable from the Irish Hiking Scarf I made for Les for Christmas, and the twisted rib from those socks I made ages ago. I had to frog it a little though, I didn’t think about how much those pattern stitches would draw in the glove, and so I’m adding in some increases to make up for it. I’ll post the pattern when I can get it to make sense. Right now, it’s just notes on an index card and a 1 row chart on a spiral notebook page.


1 Response to “Just another day at the beach”

  1. 1 dale-harriet in WI January 29, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    What? There’s water somewhere in the world that’s not FROZEN? Kewl! (Looks divine, and I hope you’re soaking up all the warm and fun and relax and having a wonderful time. (What? Sure “relax” is a noun, doesn’t everyone have some in the freezer?)

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