Souvenir yarn

RavelryYarn 001, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

This is one of the yarns I got in Hawaii. I’ll put up the other later. This one is so pretty, colors of green with a little stripe of purple thrown in. I will be buying more of this yarn here or wherever I can find it. It says it’s superwash, so that’s neat. I had originally planned on making it into some socks, but I was inspired my a lady at my knit night who was making long fingerless gloves. Hers had little cables all on the front side and I think 2 x 2 ribbing everywhere else. I think the fingers may have been plain stockinette. I bet if I looked at all, I could find it on Ravelry, but I wanted one that was shorter, and less cables, and no fingers, just one that was sort of a cuff around my knuckles. Except that I wanted a thumb. Not a hole, but an inch or so of thumb knitting. I couldn’t find anything that was exactly what I wanted, so I’m making up my own pattern. I’m almost done with the first one, I’m on the ribbing for the wrist. I made this one from the top down, not knowing how much yarn it would take, and I didn’t want to run out. Looks like I’m going to have quite a bit leftover, which will make son David very happy. I need to have hubby put up something on my blog that will allow me to do a chart thing for the pattern I made up. It combines a regular 6 stitch cable, then separated by 2 purls, there’s also 2 sets on either side of twisted rib. That’s the one where you do a K2tog, then leaving both loops on the left needle, twist the right needle around and K again into just the first stitch. Then drop both loops off the left needle. I’ve also seen this called the baby cable. Anyway, I will post a picture and the pattern soon. They are turning out so cute! Now I’ll have bamboo socks and fingerless mitts as souvenirs from Hawaii! Who else has that?


Edited to add…I just finished the first mitt!  I’m so excited, it looks so adorably cute I may puke.  I’ll be sure to put up a picture on my next post, tune in tomorrow.  I also have the pattern mostly written out, except for the chart part.  Need hubby’s help for that, and due to previous time commitments, I don’t know how much he’ll have for me in the next few weeks.  I will try to put something up though.


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