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Sick Cat

Sorry, it’s been a while.  We have a 16 year old cat who we keep outdoors for allergy reasons, and he got bit by some stray.  He wasn’t hardly moving Wednesday.  Having not taken him to the vet since he was fixed, and having just moved up here a couple years ago, I just drove him over to one I had driven by and hoped they took walk-ins.  They said they didn’t, but they had an opening at that time.  The vet shaved him up a bit and gave him a local and an antibiotic shot, and a little cut to drain the wound.  He made it through last night.  I’m giving him antibiotics with a dropper and giving him water too.  He is moving around a bit more than yesterday, but he is 16.  So, I just don’t know.


Sorry about this…

Hawaii2008 173, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

but yesterday it was like 45 outside, and today again it’s barely in the 20’s. I needed a little Hawaii fix, and thought maybe someone else would like one too. This is Patrick in the yellow and David in the blue on a beach on Kauai called ‘Anini Beach. It apparently used to be called Wanini Beach, but according to local legend, the W fell off the sign and nobody replaced it. I guess they figured it was easier just to change the name.

PS…someone call the men in the white coats, I’m actually considering someday thinking about maybe entertaining the thought of going there again. If someone would just invent a pill that I could take here at home and sleep through all the airport crap and then wake up in the hotel, that’d be just great. Can you work on that? In your spare time? Between all the knitting?

Magic Stripe Baby Socks

Magic Stripe Baby Socks, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Here’s the cutest little socks ever. If I had been thinking, I would have put something in for scale, like a penny or something. But, I wasn’t. I’m actually pretty proud that I even remembered to take a picture of the socks considering all the other stuff that was going on Sunday morning, see previous post for details.

You all will be glad to know that I did finally see the part 2 last night, or early this morning, whichever you prefer. Hubby went out to play poker at one of his buddy’s houses, and there was nothing on tv, so I popped in a dvd that my sister lent me last year that I only got to watch part of because if I remember right, hubby came home early from poker and wanted to see the news or something. Guess what? He came home at about the same dang time in the movie again! But, didn’t want to see the news. I was watching the movie and hoping it would get over by 11, so I could see Monk. At 11, it was still going, and there was a pretty exciting fight scene, (it was The Rock, if you were wondering), and I remembered that I had already seen the first 10 minutes or so of Monk, so I could at least see how the fight ended before pausing the dvd. I turned it onto the tv, and no Monk. I couldn’t understand. Then I remembered that Monk was on at midnight, not 11. Good thing I had squeezed in a little nap yesterday.

3 things real quick…The Rock was a pretty good movie, mostly because Ed Harris, Nicholas Cage, and Sean Connery were in it. I really could have done without the f-word being used so often though. I have to admit, it brought Mr. Connery down a notch every time I heard him say it.

2. The reason I got in a nap? David threw up at school. The nurse called me and told me the teacher sent him to the nurse because he just didn’t look himself. By the time I got there, he actually looked better. The nurse was telling me all about this new flu bug going around, and I was barely listenind because this happens to David fairly often. He gets over tired or over heated (which I don’t think the over heated part was this time), he pukes once, he falls dead asleep for several hours, wakes up and feels perfectly fine. I was trying to tell the nurse this, that he’d probably be ok, he just needed to go home and sleep, this probably wasn’t the flu, etc. Guess what? It’s the flu. Poor kid puked up stomach bile 3 times that afternoon, then without my knowledge, guzzled half a bottle of water and puked that up later in the evening. He never really slept at all, which was the second clue that this was not the normal I’m over tired thing. He is feeling better this morning though. Had a few spoonfuls of applesauce and some low sugar gatorade stuff that Daddy bought on his way home from poker.

Great, since that second quick thing was so dang long, I forgot the 3rd thing. Figures.

Ever have one of those mornings?

It started on Friday night.  Not the knitting night part, that was great.  I am having so much fun there, and although I almost talk myself out of going most times, I always am glad I went through whatever trouble to get there.

It’s because I like Monk.  The show on USA.  It’s on Friday nights, and I don’t worry about it when I’m at my knitting thing, because I know I’ll miss it when it’s on at 8, but they replay it at 11, so I just watch it then.  I’m usually up til midnight anyway, or close to it.  So, I was all set to watch it, and it was the 2nd part of the 2 part season finale, and the Captain had shot Monk, and although I had a sneaking suspicion that the 2 of them had planned that all out, I still wanted to see the rest.

I got home in plenty of time, even though Panera Bread let us stay this time until 9:15! ( and this time the teenager guy who was running the register gave me a free pop when I complained for the umpteenth time that they should really have beer there), but, kissed the kids and sat down to watch Monk.  Hubby started saying he was tired, and had to get up early the next morning.  He likes to go to this Promise Keepers breakfast thing at the crack of dawn on Saturdays.  I don’t get it.  I don’t even like to play with yarn at the crack of dawn.  So, I check the guide to see when it’s on again.  It was on Saturday night, which I knew I’d miss because hubby and I were going on a date, and again Sunday morning at 8.  Now, normally I wouldn’t think that would work, but the kids and I leave for church about 9:45, and it doesn’t take me 45 minutes to get ready.  So, I thought, Sunday morning it is.

I set my alarm for 7:45, so I could catch the weather first.  I switch on the tv, and it says it’s searching for the satellite.  I think, isn’t David downstairs watching tv?  It’s on the same satellite?  How come my box thing can’t get the signal.  So, I try turning it off for about 5 minutes.  Enough time for me to go potty, go downstairs and make sure David’s watching tv and not a dvd or something.  It was the tv.  I go back upstairs and try again and nothing.  This time, I think, I’ll just leave it on for a few minutes and see if it can get itself fixed.  By about 8, I started to worry.  Not too much, because I had seen the first 5 or 10 minutes on Friday, so I thought, I have a little leeway.  Now, I think, maybe turning it off isn’t enough, I should unplug it completely.  Did that for 5 minutes.  Nothing.  Then did it for 10 minutes.  Nothing.  Still searching for satellite.  I think, maybe the satellite thing on the back of the box came unhooked or something, so I un-do it and re-do it back again.  Nothing.  But, while I was doing that, I hit a button on the box or something, and the menu came up.  So, I thought, that’s good, maybe there’s some menu button for “I need to watch the season finale of Monk and it says there’s no signal”   There wasn’t.

I know what you’re thinking.  Hubby asked me the same thing.  Why did’t I just go downstairs and watch it down there?  Well, I didn’t want to kick the kids out, after all, they were up before me, and all that.  Then there’s the I didn’t want them running rampant through the house while I was downstairs part.  It’s sort of soundproof down there, and if I’m watching tv up in my room, I can leave the door open and pretty much hear where they are in the house and by sound can tell if they’re doing something they shouldn’t be.  Can’t do that from the basement.  Then there’s the I can’t sit in my comfy bed surrounded by most of my knitting projects to choose from part.  If I go downstairs, I’ll have to bring something with me.  And it’s colder down there.  And I just wanted my own dang tv, dang it.

At about 8:30 or so, I think I about gave up on the whole I can fix it somehow thing.  I just left it on, went on the computer to get the weather and print off the directions to the baby shower this afternoon, which was fun, thanks for asking, and started getting ready for church early.

Guess what time my tv/satellite got their act together this morning?  9:06.  Guess what time Monk ended?  9:00.  Hear that?  It’s God laughing.  At me.

On to the shower.  The presents were all greatly appreciated.  I got a picture or 2 of the little socks, and actually made another pair, but those aren’t done yet.  I’ll get them up this week.

Thank you to KnittingGnome for noticing that the towels I dried the blanket on matched the blanket.  That was planned you know.  I ALWAYS do that.  To Meredith, that border’s a touchy subject.  It started when I couldn’t find the right shade of off-white, which was what I had pictured.  I hunted through all my stash and brought the balls/skeins up into the bedroom and laid them all out around the blanket and asked my visually adept hubby to help me pick one out.  He didn’t like any of them.  Well, neither did I really, but I wanted sort of an antique look, like a linen or tea stained thing or something.  He suggested yellow.  I don’t really like yellow for babies.  Don’t know why, I just don’t.  But, to be nice, I went and got my 2 skeins of yellow that I own, and laid them out.  One was YELLOW, and didn’t look nice next to the faded green and blue.  But one was a nice faded yellow, that I had to admit looked rather ok.  I started on a reverse sc border, but that didn’t look right.  So, I did a row of regular sc, and thought that looked fine.  I didn’t want too much yellow.  I showed it to hubby and asked what he thought.  He was supposed to say something like, that looks great dear.  What he did say was, I think you should make it wider.  Dang it.  So, I did the row of reverse sc on top of the sc.  So, thank you so much for asking about that.  Here, I have a paper cut, you wanna get some lemon juice to pour on it?  And Dale-Harriet, I’m going to calculate out, because you know I have all this free time, exactly how many stitches are in that blanket, so when it’s commented on, since the lady lives almost next door,  I can say, that’s not a blanket, it’s xxxxxx stitches of LOVE, baby.

It’s finished in time!!!

Cindys baby blanket, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Yay! I finished up the edging this morning, got in the wash, put a little extra softener in there, and pinned it out before 11 am. So, it has the rest of today and Saturday, and a little bit of time on Sunday, if needed, to dry. I also washed up the little hat. And, since I appeared to be on a roll, hunted down my magic stripes, which is shades of blue and a little red thrown in there, and whipped out a little sock. I hope to finish the other one tonight at the knitting night. I’ll just wash those in the sink with the normal shampoo/conditioner. I have to remember to get some baby wrapping paper or a bag or something to wrap it up in. Off to get ready for the knitting night!

Baby Hat Pattern

Cindys baby hat flat, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

I apologize ahead of time if there are any errors. This is only a pattern from my notes, and I sort of made this up as I went along. If you have any problems, please contact me and I will help. This size will fit a newborn, or a small stuffed soccer ball. Here’s the pattern…

I used a pretty small ball of leftover Bernat Cottontots, about the size of my 5 year old’s fist. I used size 6 DPN’s.

Cast on 4 st and work in I-cord for 20 rows, or longer if you want a longer top knot. On next row, redistribute the st to allow for working in the round.
Round 21 – K f&b of each st around, total of 8 st.
R 22 and all even rounds up to R36 – K around
R 23 – K f&b of each st around, 16 st total
R 25 – *K1, Kf&b, repeat from * around, 24 st total
R 27 – *K2, Kf&b, repeat from * around, 32 st total
R 29 – *K3, Kf&b, repeat from * around, 40 st total
R 31 – *K4, Kf&b, repeat from * around. 48 st total
R 33 – *K5, Kf&b, repeat from * around, 56 st total
R 35 – *K6, Kf&b, repeat from * around, 64 st total
R 37 – K2, P2 around
Repeat last row for a total of 20 rows. Bind off loosely or, if desired, like the one in the picture, work a few rows of stockinette for a rolled hem. Then bind off loosely. Weave in ends and tie I-cord in a little top knot.

This hat can easily be sized up or down by working more or fewer increase rows, and by making the ribbing portion longer.

Cindy’s baby hat is done

Cindys baby hat upright, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Yay. Isn’t it the cutest thing? I was needing something the size of a baby head this afternoon, and was asking Russell, son #3 if any of his toys looked like a baby. He just laughed. I told him I needed something about the size of a baby head to try the hat on to see if I was making it tall enough. He thought for a minute, then I saw the light bulb go on, and he told me to wait a minute. He ran from the room, and came back with…a toy stuffed soccer ball. It was perfect! I asked him how did he ever think to get that? He’s only 4. He said that it was the same shape as a baby head. He is so smart!


I wrote out the pattern, and I’ll get it typed in here tomorrow. Tonight, I need to finish that blanket so I can wash it tomorrow, wait a minute, tomorrow’s Thursday, isn’t it? Oh, good grief, I’m a day ahead. I just need to have the blanket done by Thursday night so I can wash it Friday and have it drying Saturday for the shower on Sunday. OK, then, I’ll post the pattern later on tonight. Unless I fall asleep. zzzzzzz


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