Decisions, decisions

I went to my 3rd knitting night on Friday. I had checked with hubby earlier in the week to make sure he hadn’t scheduled anything. He hadn’t. I said, great, then don’t, because we’re planning a knitting night. The next night or so, I overheard him on the phone making plans with someone, and he said “OK, but we can’t do it on Friday, I promised my wife I’d be home.” Score!

Then Thursday evening came, and he was mentioning something that would be taking place from 4 to 7. I said whoa, wait a minute, what night? He said oh crap. He said he’d try real hard to be done by 6. I said,ok, then I’ll tell the ladies I’ll be there at 6, and take the boys with me, and since we meet at the Panera Bread, I’ll buy the boys dinner and hopefully by the time they’re done eating it, hubby will be there to wisk them home. Hope springs eternal.

Why is it that on the days you REALLY need them to take a nap, they won’t?

We get there a little after 6. I get them dinner and try to show my friend how to do the short row toes where you turn and YO, instead of wrapping and turning, while simultaneously keep my boys from destroying the place. It was really really bad. The ladies were all very polite about the whole thing, but I was mortified. Oldest son David was the only one who was behaving and even by the end of the night, their behavior was rubbing off on him too.

Hubby showed up at a little after 8. I said to him, “If Jewelry Television has free shipping this weekend, momma’s getting a new sparkly.” He said oh crap.

Guess what? Go to They have free shipping this weekend. Forgot to mention, I collect yarn and gemstones. Hubby can’t complain, it’s his mom’s fault, bless her heart. Now, should I get a champagne diamond ring for around $100 or some awesome black star sapphires, 6 mm rounds, and the earring castings to go with? That’d total about $30. But $40 if I get one extra stone to give to David. He collects too. What to do, what to do…..


1 Response to “Decisions, decisions”

  1. 1 Janet February 8, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    Love your positive attitude and operant conditioning techniques. Score one for you.

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