Kristi’s Hawaiian socks

Kristi’s Hawaiian socks, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

This is one of those “guess how overwhelmingly stupid I am” posts. Although now that enough time has passed, I think I’m sort of laughing about it now. It’s just that, well, I had thought it all out, and really planned well, and unfortunately didn’t take my sister into account. Bless her heart.

It started before the trip to Hawaii, when I was still in the important packing phase of what yarn/projects to bring. I had to plan for stuff to do on the planes (3 of them) as well as little things to do during the week. I really had given this a lot of thought, even going so far as to make sure I brought some cotton yarn, you know, for crocheting some new potholders at the beach. You didn’t expect me to just sit there, did you? That’s just silly. I didn’t want to ruin any of my good wool or alpaca or whatever, and I know that cotton stuff is pretty much indestructable. Ask my boys. They’ve tried.

One thing I thought to bring, was a few balls of sock yarn. Bring the cheapest person that I am, I had already pre-wound them into 2 equal balls, one ball for each sock. That’s usually how I do them these days. I start at the toe and go until I almost run out of yarn, then I do some ribbing and cast off. Loosely. My thinking was this…along with those balls, I brought several sock patterns I was wanting to try. I thought, hey, I’ll be on a plane, just one of the 3, for at least 7 hours. I can get Kristi (that’s my sister) to pick out a pattern she likes, and look at my balls ( hee hee) and pick out a sock yarn she likes, and I can get one started on the plane. I think I may have calculated that if she was completely dopey, that it might take her an hour to pick out a pattern and a yarn. How hard can it be, really? Don’t ask me, that’s why I have so many patterns printed out.

So, guess if she picked out the pattern on the plane? And while you’re at it, guess if she picked out a yarn on the plane? And furthermore, guess exactly how much of that sock I got knitted up on the plane?

The answers are no, no, and zero. That plane ride is a bit of a blur, but I do remember her passing out within minutes of take-off.

We landed Saturday night, very late to us. So, Sunday was pretty much a blur, except for that fun trip to the Walmart with all the chickens in the parking lot, and the entire section in there marked shells and leis. No choices or knitting happened that day. I think it may have been the next day when I at least put forth the effort to lay out the yarns for her to fondle. She couldn’t decide. So, I made her look at the patterns. She couldn’t decide that either. So, I decided to play nice. I said, “No pressure, I just wanted to knit you a new pair of socks this week, for you to take home with you, but if you can’t make up your mind, then I’ll just wait. It’s not like I didn’t bring anything else to do.” So, I finished one of my Fawkes. So there.

Finally, Thursday night (keep in mind we leave on Saturday), she thought she really liked this brown yarn, but was having some problems deciding on the pattern. She liked one, but sort of, then figured out that she liked the ones where there was a short pattern repeat separated by some columns. We found this one. It’s from, and it’s her Double Eyelet pattern, at least that’s what I think it’s called. I started on it Friday morning in the car as we began our drive up to the north side of the island. Somewhere along the way I messed up the toe.

I almost always do my toes the same way. I see how many stitches are supposed to be around, and divide it in half. I do try to have an even # for that half. So, if it’s 60 st around, I grab some extra waste yarn, and my size B hook, and ch 30. Then I pick up 30 st in the back hump of the ch, purl the first row, and begin my short rowing. I do the turn and YO method instead of the wrap and turn method. I love it. The reason I do the even # of stitches is so that on my knit rows, I will always have an odd # of stitches if I begin counting with that first st, not counting the YO. This I do so that I know when I get to a count of 9, I start short-rowing back. So, that row where there’s 9, I knit 9, then that first st of the pair, then re-orient the YO from the previous row and do the K2tog. I won’t go into all the details here, but I pretty much keep it the same, so I won’t mess up. I always go down to 9 st, which is actually 10, before going back up again. And it always works out that it’s an odd # on the knit side. Somewhere on this toe, I messed something up, and ended up with an even # on the knit side. I looked and looked and really couldn’t find anything. Then I thought I saw something that looked a bit wonky about 5 or so rows down, so I thought I’d be off the hook. I frogged it down to there, still didn’t see anything obvious, and started knitting again. Still wrong. Still an even # on my knit rows. Where did I mess up? Still couldn’t find it. So, frogged the whole thing and started over. Second time worked fine.

Until I got to the pattern part. There’s 2 YO’s separated by one knit st. The YO’s are flanked by a K2tog and SSK. Then, those 5 st are separated out by some PKP’s. It’s all very nice. But, I was using my new size 2 bamboo needles, and that was the problem. I have used size 2’s with this yarn before, but the pattern was not that holey. I kept chugging away at it, thinking that the further I went, maybe it’d look better. It didn’t. By the time we got back from Hawaii, and I had about 2 inches done, it just looked horrible, and I frogged it and went to find my size 1’s.

I re-started the toe at a knit night a couple weeks ago. I kept the stitch count the same, as when I had tried it on before, it seemed a little loose. Kristi and I have the same circumference, her feet are just about 1/2 inch longer than mine. So, I’m sitting there at the knit night, talking about this stupid sock, and how it’s the 3rd time I’ve done this dang toe, because of the mistake before, then frogging it, etc. Guess what?

I found myself with an even # on my knit rows again. I think I almost cried. I did say “Oh no, not again.” Or something like that. But, this time, I did find my mistake, or at least it looked wrong. I frogged back down to it, and started knitting again, and (deep breath) all was well.

Kristi better LOVE these socks.


2 Responses to “Kristi’s Hawaiian socks”

  1. 1 Meredith February 6, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    I really like the combination of that yarn and the pattern. It reminds me of grecian sandals.

  2. 2 dale-harriet February 6, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Oh, my DEAR! That is some sock – it’s absolutely beautimous and darling, lacy and delicate and also what a great color! I am SO jonesing on making me some socks. I think those may have to be down the line a bit, they look a little fiddly, but oh I AM going to try them at some point. Hope you put up other pictures as you go and show us some finished ones. (Kristi is powerful lucky!)

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