It begins again

Grandpa 60 hat, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

After making a bunch of these for my church to give away, here’s the first one of the new batch. I made it using that Vanna’s Choice, which was a very nice yarn, but I figured out that one skein barely makes a hat. If I put the end of the cast on together with what I cut off after making those little loopy things at the top, I don’t think I even had 12 inches left. This was the normal recipe, I think. I cast on 100, did k2p2 rib for 8 inches, although I think I may have realized I was getting short on yarn and only did 7 inches, then decreased in each of the p2’s, which would be k2, p2tog. Then I did about 8 (I usually do 10, but again, yarn running out) rows of k2p1, then decreased on the knits, which would be k2tog, p1. I think I did 4 rows after that, then did one decrease row (k2tog around) and one knit row until I had about 10 or so loops remaining, might have been 12. Got out my trusty crochet hook, and did a ch 16 before sl st’ing in each of those loops one at a time. I did run out of yarn before the last one, so there’s actually one less loop that there should be. But, I don’t think the kids will notice. I tied it off, and with a needle, ran the tail through those loops I had just slst’ed into and pulled it tight. I do though, like how the yarn sort of made spiral stripes around the hat. Wasn’t expecting that.


1 Response to “It begins again”

  1. 1 Meredith February 13, 2008 at 11:15 am

    That does make a handsome hat, indeed.

    How did it feel to live on the edge, not knowing if you had enough yarn? I always feel insanely triumphant if it turns out there’s enough, and so far I’ve been lucky enough not to be burned playing that game.

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