And meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Wow, where had the time gone. I kept thinking, ok, I have to remember to blog that, and then it’s the next morning, and I’ve somehow accidentally spent an hour on ravelry and then it’s time for laundry and lunches and naps and and and.

Soccer season will be starting soon, hubby is dropping off the 3 applications this afternoon. Yes, 3. All the boys want to play this season, and Russ is finally old enough, we’re thinking, to play. This ought to be good. Or funny. Either way, I think I need to stock up on beer.

I started my ANGORA. Oh my gosh, it is the softest stuff EVER!!! I so owe my SIL any knitted/crocheted/baked thing for the rest of her lift whenever she asks for it. Except the angora. I had searched and searched on ravelry and thought I had decided on a pattern from called Blaze. It’s a great sweater, with this zig-zag pattern all over it, and there’s minimal seaming, which I love. I swatched it up, and really didn’t like the zig zagging! Which was odd, because I really liked it in the picture. I fiddled around with it for a while, trying to see if I could do it differently, like doing k2tog and increases or something. Then I thought, why? It was giving me a headache. So, I went looking again. A lightbulb went off when I suddenly thought, I don’t have to look only under angora, I could do a pattern browse thingie under sweater patterns for dk and fingering weight yarn! Duh. That’s how I found Stargazer. It’s sort of a kimona style sweater, which I thought was cute considering the name of the yarn is Kimona Angora Pure. The only thing was, to make my size, I don’t have enough yarn. Poor dear hubby said with a smile, you mean you have to buy MORE? I said no dear, I’m making some modifications. The 3 x 3 ribbing at the bottom didn’t seem to scrunch in very much, so I messaged the designer and she dittoed my idea of 2 x 2. That’s working out great. When I get done with that part, I’ll divide up what’s left in half, so I know what I have left for each sleeve. For the sleeves, I’m going to do about 6 inches or so of regular stockinette, to cover the bra strap area, then I’m switching to feather and fan or some other lace pattern. Plus, instead of making the sleeves big rectangles, I’m making them sort of trapezoid, so they go in a little as they go down. That was the only thing I didn’t like about the pattern was the big sleeves, so I’m making mine smaller. And, I might get to meet the designer at Knitting in the Heartland! She’s coming up here from FL and asked if I was going. Let’s see how much I can get done by then. It’d be neat to show her.

Plus, my neighbor/friend is having a baby shower on the 24th, and I have to finish up a few things for her. Surprise, she’s having #4, which has to be a God thing, since they not only didn’t plan on it, let’s just say they were taking measures to have it not happen. It’s going to be another boy, which brings her boy total to 4. I’m making a cute little top knot hat out of some leftover cottontots and a blanket out of some Knitpicks Shine that just came in the mail today, yay. I’m also giving her the baby surprise jacket that took 1st place in the state and county fairs last year.

I think that’s all for now. I can’t believe I was able to type all that without someone yelling Mommy!


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