Another addiction

Ever get one of those cravings?  Where the only thing to do is eat a lot of it until you get just sick of it?  I’m having one.  It started last week.  It’s fried cabbage.  Sounds gross, right?  It’s totally not.  Here’s what you do…

Slice up in little pieces about 4 slices of bacon, and fry them up in a BIG skillet.  When they’re nice a crispy, take out the bacon and put them on some paper towels to drain.  While they were cooking, you’re supposed to slice up a head of cabbage.  I cut it in half, then in half again, then give it a diagonal cut to get the core out.  Then slice it up however thick or thin you like.  Now, once the bacon is out, leave the bacon grease in, and put the sliced cabbage right in there.  Put it on low to medium heat, and put the lid on.  I stir it every few minutes, and sprinkle some pepper and celery seeds in there.  I have also been known to add onions, but not lately.

Oh my gosh is this good stuff.  FYI, if you’re on WW, and you use the 4 slices like I said, and a medium head of cabbage, and divy it up into 3 servings, it’s 3 points a serving, 5 points for 2.  Can’t beat that, can ya?

Oh, and Cindy’s baby blanket is coming along great.  I finished the second green square today, and started on the decreasing part with the blue.  I’ll try to get a picture, but first, I must go eat a little more cabbage.


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