Cindys baby blanket under construction

Well, here is how far I am as of yesterday. If you ever need a nice, easy, and quick baby blanket, and if you don’t exactly know how far your yarn is going to go, this is the best knit pattern I’ve found. It’s by Iris Schreier and it’s called Four Squares Baby Blanket. Go look it up on Ravelry. It’s the coolest thing because you start from the 2 opposite corners and work inwards, which I did with the 2 balls of green. Then, no binding off, but using 1/2 of one green square and 1/2 of the other green square, and using the other balls of blue, knit from the center of the square outwards. I found this pattern in my Creative Knitting magazine, the May 2007 issue, and I’ve used it 2 times for baby blankets, and lots of times for other things. It’s a great use for scraps, and it’s an easy pattern to memorize, because every row is the same. There’s no “do this on one row and do something else on the next row” and so on.

Cindy’s baby shower is Sunday, and I think I’m going to be able to finish in plenty of time. I’m still working on her baby hat, I decided to frog it a little. I had done a total of 72 stitches around, and as I was doing the ribbing, the cotton yarn wasn’t drawing in as much as I’d like. So, I frogged it back to the last increase and made it only 64 st around, and I’m starting in on the ribbing again. It shouldn’t take long. It’s just a basic hat, but I’ll post up the pattern on here one of these days, if only for me to make another one someday. I think out of that leftover cottontots, I’m only going to be using that one ball for the hat, which leaves me another ball. I think I may be able to squeeze some little baby socks out of it. If I think about it, I’ll try to get a picture of the entire baby shower present collection before I wrap it up.

Finally, socks on the back burner, but I have to admit, my fingers are getting itchy for some size 2’s.


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