Cindy’s baby hat is done

Cindys baby hat upright, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Yay. Isn’t it the cutest thing? I was needing something the size of a baby head this afternoon, and was asking Russell, son #3 if any of his toys looked like a baby. He just laughed. I told him I needed something about the size of a baby head to try the hat on to see if I was making it tall enough. He thought for a minute, then I saw the light bulb go on, and he told me to wait a minute. He ran from the room, and came back with…a toy stuffed soccer ball. It was perfect! I asked him how did he ever think to get that? He’s only 4. He said that it was the same shape as a baby head. He is so smart!


I wrote out the pattern, and I’ll get it typed in here tomorrow. Tonight, I need to finish that blanket so I can wash it tomorrow, wait a minute, tomorrow’s Thursday, isn’t it? Oh, good grief, I’m a day ahead. I just need to have the blanket done by Thursday night so I can wash it Friday and have it drying Saturday for the shower on Sunday. OK, then, I’ll post the pattern later on tonight. Unless I fall asleep. zzzzzzz


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