Magic Stripe Baby Socks

Magic Stripe Baby Socks, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Here’s the cutest little socks ever. If I had been thinking, I would have put something in for scale, like a penny or something. But, I wasn’t. I’m actually pretty proud that I even remembered to take a picture of the socks considering all the other stuff that was going on Sunday morning, see previous post for details.

You all will be glad to know that I did finally see the part 2 last night, or early this morning, whichever you prefer. Hubby went out to play poker at one of his buddy’s houses, and there was nothing on tv, so I popped in a dvd that my sister lent me last year that I only got to watch part of because if I remember right, hubby came home early from poker and wanted to see the news or something. Guess what? He came home at about the same dang time in the movie again! But, didn’t want to see the news. I was watching the movie and hoping it would get over by 11, so I could see Monk. At 11, it was still going, and there was a pretty exciting fight scene, (it was The Rock, if you were wondering), and I remembered that I had already seen the first 10 minutes or so of Monk, so I could at least see how the fight ended before pausing the dvd. I turned it onto the tv, and no Monk. I couldn’t understand. Then I remembered that Monk was on at midnight, not 11. Good thing I had squeezed in a little nap yesterday.

3 things real quick…The Rock was a pretty good movie, mostly because Ed Harris, Nicholas Cage, and Sean Connery were in it. I really could have done without the f-word being used so often though. I have to admit, it brought Mr. Connery down a notch every time I heard him say it.

2. The reason I got in a nap? David threw up at school. The nurse called me and told me the teacher sent him to the nurse because he just didn’t look himself. By the time I got there, he actually looked better. The nurse was telling me all about this new flu bug going around, and I was barely listenind because this happens to David fairly often. He gets over tired or over heated (which I don’t think the over heated part was this time), he pukes once, he falls dead asleep for several hours, wakes up and feels perfectly fine. I was trying to tell the nurse this, that he’d probably be ok, he just needed to go home and sleep, this probably wasn’t the flu, etc. Guess what? It’s the flu. Poor kid puked up stomach bile 3 times that afternoon, then without my knowledge, guzzled half a bottle of water and puked that up later in the evening. He never really slept at all, which was the second clue that this was not the normal I’m over tired thing. He is feeling better this morning though. Had a few spoonfuls of applesauce and some low sugar gatorade stuff that Daddy bought on his way home from poker.

Great, since that second quick thing was so dang long, I forgot the 3rd thing. Figures.


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