Oh yeah, knitting

Gunther is doing better, little by little.  He’s getting a bit more vocal about being in the cage/carrier thing.  It’s rather huge for a cat, but we got it for the move up here and at that time, we had 3 cats to fit in there, so we bought sort of this cage thing and put all of them in there.  I’ve left the top part open, thinking that when he’s well enough to jump out, I can let him back outside.  I’m thinking that may be tomorrow or the next day.

The knitting is coming along.  I just have to sew in the loose end on the little green socks I made for Cindy’s baby shower last week that I didn’t finish on time.  I can do that quick tonight and then wash them tomorrow with the delicates.  My other socks are coming along as well.  The Memorial ones in honor of Momma Monkey of Socktopia fame are the closest to being done.  See Ravelry group Socktopia for details.  <<<post interrupted because guess who just came upstairs?  Gunther!!!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!  Good thing. It’s pouring down rain outside and a cold front just came through, so I’ve shut the cage top, and he’s staying inside for at least tonight.  But, he’s well enough to jump out!!!!!!  end interruption>>>  Onward to the other socks…the ones I started for Kristi in Hawaii I was hoping to have done by her birthday which is March 12th.  We’ll see.  And the snowflake ones, I have turned the heel and I think I just worked far enough now to start the pattern on the back side also.  What else…oh yeah, the bamboo ones are on the ribbing on the top, so I’ll just do that until I run out of yarn or until I think it’s high enough.  I really need to finish one of these hurry because the alpaca sock yarn is so calling my name.

I’ll try to get a picture of the green baby socks and of poor Gunther tomorrow and post them so you can know who you’ve been feeling sorry for.  Oh, and if anyone’s interested, I’ll put up the little sock pattern as well.


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