Memorial Socks – toe-up mods for Uzume

Memorial Socks finished, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

OK, for those of you who wanted this, here’s how I adapted MommaMonkey’s Uzume pattern to do a toe-up sock. I used Knitpicks Essentials Meteor Twist and size 2 bamboo needles. Metrically, I think they are 2.75 mm. I used a B crochet hook and some waste yarn to crochet a chain of 30.

Pick up a loop in the back of each ch and purl across the first row. Begin short rows on the first knit row. I use Ann Budd’s Better Than Booties baby sock short row instructions in which she says to turn and YO instead of wrap and turn. I find this way MUCH easier, but feel free to do the toes and heels in whatever way you like best. I short rowed down to 8 st between pairs and then started back up again. When ready, undo the chain and pick up those loops and knit in the round for 2 rounds. I began the pattern stitching on the 3rd row. I worked the pattern on the top 30 stitches and did plain stockinette on the bottom 30. I started the heel on row 56. My short row heel seem to be rather on the short side, meaning that I have found that if I begin the pattern stitch on the row following the end of the short rows, the back of my shoe hides or rubs against the first few rows of the pattern. I usually wait several rows before beginning the pattern stitches on the back of the sock. For this pattern, I waited 2 full pattern repeats after the heel to begin the pattern on the back 30. Then I did a total of 5 pattern repeats after that, plus 1 more row of knitting across before beginning the ribbing. I did 11 rows of K2P2 ribbing and bound off on row 12. I used a size 4 needle for the bind off, and bound off in ribbing.

Side note…if you have the time and inclination, could you please, if you’re a member of Ravelry, go onto the Socktopia forum and the February Theme thread and vote for my socks? The prize is a hank of orange and purple sock yarn, and those are my sister’s favorite colors. See, when we were kids, neither of us could choose just one favorite color. It was like we didn’t want it to be lonely or something. So, we both picked 2, and wore them together as often as we could. My grandpa, Grandpa 60 of the hats and slippers fame, accomidated us by making us a pair of slipeprs one year for Christmas in our favorite colors. I got one green slipper with a red pompom and one red slipper with a green pompom. My sister got one orange slipper with a purple pompom and one purple slipper with an orange pompom. I know, my eyes hurt just remembering it. But, we loved those slippers.  Dang, I miss those.  But, if I win that sock yarn, I am so knitting my sister a pair of socks in secret and suprising her.  Thank you in advance for voting for me.


1 Response to “Memorial Socks – toe-up mods for Uzume”

  1. 1 dorkyquilts March 12, 2008 at 3:45 am

    I voted for your socks on Ravelry–they’re beautiful! I hope you win–good luck!

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