Dang it.

Now hubby’s sick.  I really shouldn’t complain.  He did have the decency to wait until David and Russell and Gunther were all better.  So, for a few days there, I didn’t have anyone to take care of. He probably felt sorry for me.  I’m one of those people who likes to feel needed, then when I feel too needed, I get sort of pissy.  Like “why can’t you people do this yourself why do you always have to ask me everything don’t you realize you have another parent?” etc etc.

I skipped last week’s knitting night because Russ had been sick the night before and I was so tired I went to bed around 9.  I usually stay up until at least 12.  Now, this morning or last night, I don’t remember, I posted on Ravelry to the Kansas City knitter’s forum about if anyone wanted to get together Friday because I was having withdrawal.  Now, I may have to back out again.  I can’t leave Steve here with the 3 boys if he’s sick.

Did I mention it’s the start of Spring Break?  Yay.  Happy spring break, kids, you have 2 days of rain to start you off.  We’ll be baking some banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that we’ll be sharing with my neighbor Cindy who’d being induced today to have her baby.  The one I made the shower stuff for (see previous posts about Cindy and baby stuff).  The lady who organized the shower did some pretty amazing things.  She had a box of envelopes and asked all of us to put our addresses on them so when Cindy did the thank you cards, she wouldn’t have to address all of them.  How cool is that?  Then she also had a box of paper, and since we all agreed that, having 3 boys already, Cindy probably didn’t need too much advice, she had us write down words of encouragement or promises of helping or cooking or laundry or whatever.  I offered to bake cookies, and yesterday she mentioned them and my bananas are getting brown, so voila!  She should be back home tomorrow night, so I’ll try to take them over to her maybe Saturday morning.

Then I think we’re not dying Easter eggs this year.  Sometimes we don’t.  What we do instead is, I think, way more fun and easier and WAY easier to clean up.  We make cookies.  The kind you mix up and roll out and get flour all over the floor and use cookie cutters on.  A few years ago, I couldn’t find an egg shaped cutter, so I bought a circle one, with no handle or anything, just an open cutter.  Then I bent it in the shape of an egg, with one end more pointy like and one end more rounded.   After we get them all cut out, I use a couple of yolks (no whites, yolks only) and mix in a few tsp of water, then divide this up between several little bowls.  It goes farther than you’d think.  Then add food coloring to each bowl and give your kids a paintbrush and a bowl of water.  We paint the cookies before we bake them!  The baking process of course cooks the yolk and it’s safe to eat and all, and it makes the painted surface quite shiny.  And it’s way easier for me at least then the whole frosting and knives and sprinkles.  I’ll try to get up some pictures of during and after.  If I think about it.

Oh well, I’m off to go play with yarn now.  I was reading The Heathen Housewife (www.shellykang.com) today and she has a yarn closet.  She actually talked about it.  She had taken a picture of one of her girls who was sitting on the shelf part of “my yarn closet”.  How cool is that?  I want to be her when I grow up.

Oh, a little gentle reminder, if I’m not being too pushy…could you please go here and vote for my sock…




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