I’m alive

Wow, this bronchitis thing sucks.

I do think I’ll live though,although with a nagging side effect.  I sometimes have these coughing fits where I can hardly catch my breath, and during the fits, well, let’s just say that I’m going to have to stock up on those bladder control pad things.  Doesn’t matter if I just left the bathroom or if it’s been hours and I just drank 64 oz of water.  The coughing starts, and oops, there’s a little pee.  The best ones are at night, I think.  There’s something about laying there that makes those little tickly things just go hog-wild.  Last night, it was hubby’s turn.  Mine was about 6 am.

But, I think mine was caused partially by the fact that I had an upset tummy last night and around 3 am finally gave up and took a tums, but woke up around 6 with a good sized chunk of it still stuck to the roof of my mouth.  Stupid thing was, I was awake enough to realize that it was there, and that it was making me cough, but not awake enough to do anything about it at that time.  It took until about 6:30 for me to spit it out.

Patrick’s birthday and party will be Saturday.  That ought to be interesting.  The big “6”.  He picked out a Diego cake at the store yesterday.  Russ and I spent almost an hour in Toys R Us yesterday to have him pick out his present for his brother.  He finally decided on a $5 robot clincher arm thing.  I was steering him towards the $20 bug things and games and stuff, but he was stuck on that arm thing.

Oh yes, and all the boys have started soccer.  We’re letting Russ play this year too.  So, David’s practices are Monday(6-7) and Wednesday(6-7).  Patrick’s are Monday(6-7) and Thursday(6-7).  Russell’s are Tuesday(6-7) and Thursday(5-6).  Oh, and Steve is coaching Russ, and co-coaching David’s.   So, there will be a lot of crockpot meals in our future.  The first games will be April 5th, and after that, Russ at least will go down to 1 practice a week.  I really don’t like spring.

Not much knitting lately, except those bamboo socks which I’m trying to finish for the March Socktopia thing.  And sometimes I do a few rows of the angora, just to take the edge off the day.   You know.


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