Where did the week go?

Well, that was fast.  Let’s see, where to start?

The first full week of soccer practices are under out belts.  The first games will be this Saturday, the same day I was supposed to spend all day at the Knitting in the Heartland shopping.  Depending on the game schedule, which we’ll probably get Friday night, I may go Saturday or I may have to wait and go Sunday after church.  I didn’t want to do that, as Sunday is pretty much the one day I’m almost guaranteed a nap.  But, if it’s all I’ve got, then that’s the way it is.

David is doing really a lot better at his soccer skills.  The coach, Tim, is really quite astounding.  He coaches around 4 or 5 teams each season, and he combines their practices.  David, for instance, is currently practicing with at least 3 teams, from what we can gather just from counting the # of kids there.  So, as of yet, he has no idea who’s exactly on his team.  Kind of neat, if you ask me.

Patrick is also doing better.  He has the same coach as last year too, Mike, who is amazingly awesome.  He’s so sweet and really loves the kids.  He’s had them working on some new skill drills and I’m really seeing an improvement in Patrick.  Plus, he simply loves it.

Russell, on the other hand, like most things, is a completely different story.  He has been pestering us since last spring to let him play soccer too.  The league here in town has a U5 team, for under 5, and according to the rules, it’s for 3 and 4 year olds.  But, as Russ was only 3, and way more inclined to tackle anyone, we thought that maybe that was not the right time for soccer.  Wrestling, football, ice hockey…sure, but not soccer.  So, we made him wait.  Then, last fall, he suddenly grew out of the tackling stuff, and starting playing with the ball, kicking it around, throwing it up in the air so he could hit it with his head on the way back down.  We thought, Hmmm.  So, we tested out theory.  For his birthday in December, the brothers bought him his very own soccer set.  It was his favorite color, yellow, and came with a cute little gym bag, a soccer ball, a couple of cones, shin guards, and a water bottle.  He was thrilled and wanted to play in the house.  So, we thought, we’ll sign him up for spring soccer.  Which we did.  He’s had 2 practices.  The first one he spent on the playground and the swings.  When Coach Daddy changed the practice field to a different location due to huge holes in the ground, he spent the second practice crying until I let him get in the minivan.  This is not going well.

Let’s see, what else, oh yeah, Patrick’s birthday party was Saturday.  It went really quite well.  I didn’t even have to get a beer.  Almost everyone came, and we played in the back yard for a while, then I had them go around front to draw chalk pictures in the driveway while David and a neighbor boy Garrett hid the eggs in the back yard.  Patrick wanted to have an easter egg hunt for his party.  I said sure.  In the morning before the party, I gave them a bag of m & m’s and a bag of raisinettes and a several bouncy balls, and let them fill up the eggs.  We ended up with 88 eggs and 8 kids at the party, so everyone got 11.  Worked out pretty well.  He loved the scooter we got for him, and really got a lot of neat presents.  This week, we have to work on thank you cards.

On the knitting front, I’m almost done with those bamboo socks.  I really need to finish them today to qualify for the March Socktopia thing.  I only have around 15 or so rows of ribbing, then I’m done, so it really shouldn’t be a problem.  I also started the fingerless mitts that David wanted when he saw mine.  Got one done in just a couple of days, but somehow, on the back and forth rows, I managed to get one side of the mitt to have 2 more rows than the back side.  Luckily, the longer side is the one that would be on the top of the hand, so it works out, but now that I’m on the other mitt, I keep wanted to get all anal and make the second one the same.  But, I can’t figure out how, since I have no idea how I did the first one.  I’m talking about the 2 extra rows, not the instructions in general.  I did write those down, so when I finish them I’ll post a picture and the instructions for anyone who’s interested.

I think that’s about it for now.  Today’s garbage day.  Yay.


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