My 3 sons and sock

My 3 sons and sock, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

I love the Yarn Harlot.

She decided that yesterday would be International Inexplicable Knitters Behaviour Day, or something like that. It was to kick off her book tour in Toronto. If you were up there, there was a whole list of sock pictures you were to attempt to get, with point values assigned to them. Just reading it was hilarious. Someone got the brilliant idea to start a flickr page to post the pics on. Here’s the thing, if you want to go there…

This pic was just one of my entries. David, 10, is holding the SIP, Russell, 4, is holding the spare dpn and the rest of the yarn. Patrick, now 6, is holding the first finished one of the pair. Some of you may recognize this sock as the one I started in Hawaii. Here’s the story.

When we went on vacation to Hawaii, along with WAY too much knitting, I brought along several sock yarns and a bunch of patterns I was wanting to try, and since there were 4 adults on the plane, and only 3 kids, silly me, I thought that my sister and I would sit together on the plane and the menfolk would watch the boyfolk, and my sister and I would go through the yarn and patterns and she’d pick one out. Then, since it was like a 7 hour flight, I thought I’d be able to get through most of the first sock, and have the rest of the week to finish it up and do the second sock. So, she’d have a brand new pair to take home with her to always rememeber our vacation in Hawaii.

Well, you all know how the plane trip went, if not, see previous posts. Kristi, my sister, didn’t pick out the yarn and pattern until Thursday night. We were leaving on Saturday afternoon. Yeah. I didn’t finish them. I did start them though, on Friday while we were driving all over the island and looking for more shaved ice and the only LYS on Kauai. We found both. Somewhere along there, I messed up the toe. So, i had to rip it back and start over. No biggie. By that night, I was up to the pattern part. Something just didn’t look right. It was Wendy’s Double Eyelet rib, and her pattern is lovely. My problem was that I was using my normal size 2’s, and with all that ribbing, it was looking just too loose. But, stupid me, I just kept going, thinking if I got further along, it’d suddenly look better.

By the time I was about 3 inches or so up, I said stop. My sister was mortified that I was going to rip out an entire day’s worth, but rip away I did, and started again with the size 1’s. But with the other ball. Guess what? I messed up the toe again. Then messed up the heel when I got to it. I think that’s when I put the sock in time out and let it watch me knit angora for several days. Then, it behaved. I’m actually about to go now and bind off the second sock. I would have finished it last night, but I literally spend 3 hours on flick hitting refresh and reading about everyone’s pictures.

Yes, I know, I have no life. It’s just me and the boys and the knitting. Hey, that’s sort of like a quote from the Princess Bride. Remember the fight? “Mano a mano, just you and me and my GUARDS!!!” hee hee. Maybe I’ll watch that today while I’m folding my laundry. Dang, I so need a tiara.

PS, know what I should have called this?  The 5 S’s.  Son 1, son 2, son 3, sock, and slippers.  heh heh.


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