Hawaiian Socks Pattern, sort of

Hawaiian Socks with tulips, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

OK, so this is more like a recipe, but for anyone who really wants to try to copy this, or for me later on when I want to do another one, here’s how I did it, since my index card with notes on it probably won’t last too ,uch longer…

I used size 2 needles, and SWTC bamboo yarn. Again, this is the souvenier yarn from Hawaii. One other thing, that I have to ask on Ravelry, when I washed this yarn, after it was magically turned into socks, I washed it in my sink in cold water with my wool socks, and these socks turned so stiff I thought I had ruined them! I don’t know if that’s just what bamboo does when it gets wet, or if it was the cold water. But I was really worried for quite some time, but when they were completely dry, they were just as soft as ever.

So, I actually started with a crochet cast on of 28. I used a B hook and some waste thread. I purled the first row, then on the first knit row, I started my short rowing. I short rowed down to where there’d be 8 stitches between the pairs, also forgot to mention that I use Ann Budd’s method of YO short rows instead of the wrap and turn method. If you’re interested, google Ann Budd Better than Booties and you’ll find a pattern for baby socks, and that’s the one that I learned on. There are tons of other directions out there for the YO way, but none of them seemed to click with me. I’m just a little off that way.

So, back to the recipe, once I got to the 8 stitches, then I started short rowing (long rowing?) back up and joined in the round with the other stitches that were waiting on that provisional cast on. I worked the tail end in when I did that first row around, so I wouldn’t have to weave in later. Then rounds and rounds of stockinette, 56 rounds to be exact. Then on round 56, I started the heel. I did the heel the same way as the toe, just without the provisional cast on.

After the heel, I did 10 rows of stockinette then started K2 P2 ribbing. I usually so a few rows of stockinette, at least on the back of the foot, before starting my leg pattern, for whatever reason, my heels seem to end rather short, and if I start the pattern right after I finish the heel, part of it is swallowed up by the backs of my shoes. Either that, or my shoes go up too high in the back. I did hear a hint, to do the heel part by borrowing a few stitches from the front of the sock, like 10% or so. I may try that on my next plain one and see how it works.

I did a total of 50 rows of ribbing, binding off on row 50, using a size 4 needle for the bind off. Oh, and I do my bind off in ribbing.

Good news on the soccer front…after a little crying and a little “they bumped into me, they took my ball, they etc etc etc”, Russell had a fabulous soccer practice! We went to McD’s for hot cherry pies afterwards to celebrate. The best part though? Russell actually had fun out there. He would kick the ball, then run back to me for a hug and a kiss. It was actually quite unlike him, but very nice all the same. The first games are Saturday, so I’ll get a picture in his uniform. His game and David’s games are at the same dang time, so I’ll be going back and forth to watch them both. Patrick’s game is earlier. And the weather Saturday is supposed to be fantastic, in the mid-60’s. Yay. Then after that, I get to go to Knitting in the Heartland and possibly buy some yarn! Yay! Then, I think hubby and I may be having a date night. Yay!! I think it’s going to be a fun day.


2 Responses to “Hawaiian Socks Pattern, sort of”

  1. 1 dorkyquilts April 4, 2008 at 2:37 am

    The bamboo socks came out beautifully! Nice to catch up with you on your blog–sorry you’ve been sick. I’ve got a dang cold right now myself. I guess that’s just Spring. Congrats on winning the sock thing! They’re gorgeous.

  2. 2 Jeanie April 22, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    lovely (and thanks for sharing!) I think bamboo fiber gets brittle when wet, which would account fro why it felt yucky when you washed it but lovely when it was dry 🙂

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