Prize yarn

Prize yarn, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Can I just say I LOVE this yarn? I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s the yarn I WON from the Socktopia group on Ravelry, along with some other goodies thrown in there. This is one of 2 hanks I won, the other one has already been wound into a ball and the sock has been started. I’ll post that pic later on, but I did want to get the pic of at least the yarn out there for anyone who wanted to see it.

The story behind it, for those of you who missed it, is that when my sister and I were young, we each decided that we couldn’t/shouldn’t pick just one favorite color. Because, how would that make the other colors feel? Like when you only played with the one doll, wouldn’t the other ones get sort of mad when they were being ignored like that? So, to make things easier, we each picked 2. And since we didn’t want one of those to be mad at the other one, we always treated them equally, wore them together, or at the least alternated. But usually together.

Mine were red and green. Together. Yes, I know … Christmas.

Kristi’s were orange and purple. Together. You can imagine, can’t you, the looks we got?

The best part? I can’t remember anyone in our family ever saying a word about it. The closest thing anyone came to saying anything was one year, before Christmas, my Grandpa 60, of the famed Grandpa 60 slippers and hats (look them up on previous posts or on Ravelry), asked all of us kids what out favorite colors were. I don’t remember if my brother said anything off, but Kristi and I told him ours, and he didn’t even blink. Just said, OK. That year for Christmas, he gave us those slippers. I had one green slipper with a red pompom and one red slipper with a green pompom. Kristi had one orange slipper with a purple pompom and one purple slipper with an orange pompom. We wore those slippers as long as I can remember. Plus, having mostly uncarpeted floors, they slide REAL good.

So, when I was tooling around the Socktopia group and saw that this was the prize yarn for that month, I just knew that I HAD to win. So, I begged some people for love votes and sure enough, I won. If I hadn’t come down with bronchitis just a day or 2 before, I think I would have been more excited, but the person mailing out the prizes got the timing perfect. Just when I was thinking that I might make it, that I just might live through this thing sitting on my chest and making me cough up loads of phlegm and other nasty things, I get a package in the mail. And, to be perfectly honest, I felt so crappy I had forgotten about it. When I saw that big package, I thought, “What did hubby order from e-bay?” Then I reached in and grabbed it and it was squishy. The only kind of squishy that can be felt from yarn. I think I may have squeed a little outside.

But, isn’t this perfect? Where else would I have gotten orange and purple sock yarn, unless I did a custom order somewhere? For now, I’ll work on her socks. Then maybe when they’re done, try to find a shirt she can wear them with.


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