Lookie lookie what I got…

Wow, Knitting in the Heartland was so great. Hubby took the boys home, but just before that, he drove me over to an ATM, since I wasn’t familiar with that part of town, and withdrew even more $$ than I had asked for. I didn’t spend it all, although I sort of did, since part of what I didn’t spend will be spent this week when I mail a check out to Maggie’s Farm. I met Barbara this afternoon,and she couldn’t be sweeter. I really loved her yarns, especially the fingering weight. She only had time to bring the natural colored one, and I really liked the gray tweedier ones, which she informed me, were Blossom and shoot, I can’t remember now. But, if you get a chance, check out her website, http://www.maggies-ks.com. It’s really quite astounding.

Anyway, she told me if I mail her a check, she’d get me the yarn I wanted in the color/sheep I wanted. So, Blossom, I love you. You’re going to make me an awesome little scarf. Or maybe a hat. Or maybe I need to go back on Ravelry and do some pattern searching again.

The purple is laceweight alpaca, called Lace-a-licious. It’s actually various shades of the purple, which is gorgeous. It’s going to be a shawl/stole for my sister, so any good patterns out there for 1200 yards of laceweight would be appreciated.

The brown tweedy alpaca I got for hubby, but he thinks it’s a little scratchy. I think he’s nuts. I meant it for a scarf for him, but not if it’s going to bother him. So, I may do him some mittens, I have 600 yards there, I think that’s enough. Or, I’ll do something for me. Oh, darn.

The hemp is interesting. The smell is very strong of barnyards and rabbits and sheep. I don’t quite get that, since it’s a plant. But, then Patrick smelled it and said it smelled like hay. Which I guess makes more sense. He didn’t even know what hemp was.

I’m worn out from wool fumes, but you have to tune in tomorrow for what and who my poor hubby dreamed about last night. Hint, it wasn’t ESPN.

Another hint, he thinks it may be caused by the hydrocodone the Dr gave him for his eye surgery.

One more hint, he thinks he may be turning into me…

Update…I double checked Maggie’s Farm, the darker gray is from Alfalfa. There, I know some of you were going to be up ALL night wondering about that.


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