Dreaming and Stargazing

Stargazer, beginning, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Ok, let’s do the Stargazing first. That picture up there is my progress on the Stargazer. I simply love it right now. I don’t even mind the little angora fuzz that collects near my legs while I’m working on it. It’s just so soft and yummy. Plus, I’ve been in a K2 P2 mood for a while now. It’s mindless knitting, yet so much nicer because it’s the angora. After I cast on though, I thought that I wanted just a little shaping, so I did decrease a few stitches after knitting up a few inches. I’ll get a close up of the decreases later on.

OK, now on to the dreaming. I first have to preface this by saying that poor hubby was on some GOOD pain meds Saturday night. He blames it on that. I don’t know what to blame it on other than me. I’ll tell you this though, if I ever wake up and see him fondling some alpaca or knitting a few rows just because he can’t get back to sleep, there will be calls made to the little men in the white coats, and they won’t be coming for me.

He asked me Sunday morning, while I was still barely awake, “Are you awake?” I mumbled something. He says, “I have to tell you about my dream, it’s important”. OK, I’m awake now. Hubby never remembers his dreams. I shouldn’t say never, he’s remembered like 3 of them since we’ve been married. That was in 91, to give you some idea. And it’s important. Hmmm. We’d been discussing the possibility of trying for a 4th child. Did he dream about us having another baby? And if so, was it finally a girl this time?

No, he dreamed about Marnie MacLean and Stephanie Pearl-McFee. Now, normally, I’d be insanely jealous about other woman in his dreams. This time though, I was only jealous that I didn’t dream about them. It had something to do with a screenplay that someone had plagerized from something in one of Stephanie’s books. I saw a commercial on tv and mentioned to Steve that it sounded like something I had read, and he did some more research on it and discovered that it was indeed plagerized, and Robert Zemeckis was in there, and frankly, I think the poor man was traumatized.

And even after that, he still took all the boys Sunday afternoon so I could go and buy yarn at the Knitting in the Heartland thing. Yeah, I love him.

Good news too. I’ve been e-mailing Barbara from Maggie’s Farm, and looks like I get to go to her farm and pick up my new yarn. And even better, I get to meet the sheep! I have to remember to bring my camera and get a picture of Blossom, since that’s who’s wool I’m buying. It’ll be Saturday afternoon, after the soccer games and a good nap, then we’re off to Lawrence! This is going to be be awesome!


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