There she is, Miss America…

Well, half of her anyway. That’s Blossom. The previous owner of my new yarn. She’s the one on the left, trying daintily to move out of the camera’s range. Can’t remember who the darker one is coming towards me. I must have snapped a half a dozen shots, and this is the best one. Sad, isn’t it? No one was cooperating. In one of them, Patrick climbed up on the fence right in front of me, so the camera got a nice shot of the back of his head. In another one, Blossom was turned to the side, and I thought that one would be great, it showed her face and body and everything, but right when I clicked, she put her head down to eat something off the floor. So, it’s just a sheep body. Then this one. She was full face in the camera, then moved to the side right as I clicked. But, it doesn’t really matter. She’s beautiful, and I love her.

Best part? Hard to say. On the way home from church yesterday, Patrick asked if we could go back there that afternoon.

I was searching on Ravelry for patterns using fingering weight and less than 500 yards, and was finding all sorts of lovely things, then I saw it. There’s a shawl pattern out there named Blossom. Here’s the link, if this’ll work right…

Seriously, how cool is that? I’m going to make Blossom’s yarn into a Blossom shawl!!!! Or I will when the designer get the pdf posted. It was part of Magknits, so there’s that whole fiasco there, and the designers are scrambling to get their stuff posted. I told her that I’d be patient. I still have the alpaca to keep me busy.

And on alpaca notes, wow is that stuff nice. I picked out a pattern called Flower Faire, also from Ravelry, and managed to fiddle with the numbers to get a slightly wider scarf than the wide scarf version of the pattern. It’s so far quite a fun knit, although it did take me about 5 repeats of the set of rows to get them memorized. There’s only 8 or 9 in all, so figures that I’d get the hang of it when I’m almost done. Then there’s a different set of charts to follow, and I haven’t really looked at it too hard.

I think I’ll close for today, and leave you with this. Patrick’s teacher assigns them homework only on the weekends. They have a journal, and had to write a sentence and draw a picture about something they did that weekend. Then it went up to 2 sentences. Now it’s up to 3. Patrick knew right away what he wanted to write about: the visit to Maggie’s Farm. He drew a lovely picture of me petting a sheep and Barbara off to the other side with the boys. He wrote “We went to Maggie’s Farm”.

I said to him, “Aren’t you supposed to write 3 sentences?”

He said, “Yeah, but I ran out.”

“Ran out? Of lead? Does your pencil need sharpening? What did you run out of?”

“Words. I ran out of words to write.”

Bless his heart.


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