Puke + Berber carpet = Ewwwwwww!

Guess what I spent the evening doing?

No, really, guess.

I got about 1/2 hour by myself while Russell was at soccer practice.  I dropped David and Patrick there too, because they didn’t want to go to the store with me and/or would rather help Daddy coach.  I ran quick over to Walmart, because we were out of bread and milk.  Had I known what the evening’s festivities were going to entail, I also would have purchased carpet cleaner foam stuff.

David started complaining his eyes hurt.  Maybe because he tried to read in rooms with no lights on as the sun is going down?  Maybe because he keeps staying up to late for his 10 year old body to be able to keep up?  So, what usually happens, happened.  Except that he didn’t have the puke bucket.  Even when that’s happened before, he makes it to the toilet, or worst case, the garbage can.  Those can all be washed fairly easily.

Didn’t make it this time.  He got the door, the back of the door, the vent, the wall, the side of the dresser, and a GINORMOUS place on the carpet, which you can’t miss if you have to leave or enter the room.  Did I mention I made chili-mac for dinner?  Oh, yes, you can smell it now, can’t you.  Luckily, last time my dad was here, he left one of his hankies.  He’s one of those old-fashioned guys who always has a hanky, no kleenex for him.  I rolled/folded it up diagonally, and did a bandit thing just over my nose, as I had to get in there with a spoon first to scoop up the chunks while Steve threw on some pants and drove over to the store to get the carpet cleaner.

Good thing I had just washed all the rags today, huh?


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