Painting Easter egg cookies 2008

Painting Easter egg cookies 2008, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Remember Easter? When I had that bronchitis? This was our Easter Egg cookie decorating party. I have this FANTASTIC homemade cookie recipe that my mom used to make every Christmas, her and us 3 kids, and flour all over the floor. But, it sure was fun. I’ve since expanded that system to include other holidays that I feel like going through the trouble for. These are the mix up the shortening and sugar and other stuff and stir in 6 cups of flour then knead some of it on a floured board then use floured cookie cutters and all that stuff. It gets messy. Before I got sick, I had told the kids that I didn’t feel like coloring eggs this year, and lets paint cookies instead. I was too sick though, to even think about mixing in all that stuff, and thought all was lost. Then, my sister, who most of the time has a clearer head than I do, mentioned that I should just stop fretting and go to the store and buy a couple of those tubes of cookie dough and just this one time, cheat. I have to admit, I took her advice. It was really all I could do to slice them up and help the kids form them into little egg shapes. Then, we mixed up the paint, which is the easiest thing, you take a yolk or 2 (save the whites and use them in breakfast tomorrow), add a couple tsp of water, and then divide it all up into several small bowls, and add food coloring in various colors. You’d be surprised how far that yolk and water will go. I gave the kids a paintbrush and a bowl of water, and let them go to town. The painting is done BEFORE baking, keep in mind. The egg paint makes a nice shiny glaze like thing on the cookies. So, that was quite a while ago, what’s happening now?

I’m having issues with my alpaca sock yarn. Remember I had started the Nagini pattern? It was not looking right. I don’t know what the problem is. I sure hope it’s just me. Or the combination of the pattern and the yarn not matching up right. But, either way, I’ve already frogged it for now, I was just wondering if I did the right thing. I bought some very special alpaca sock yarn, the Alpaca Sox to be exact, and it’s in a lovely blue/green colorway, and I already did one sock on it, and after I did it, I realized I didn’t really like the way it fit, so I never did the second sock, and still had a lot of yarn left. I finally decided to do the Nagini, which I had been dying to do, and after reading the pattern, I realized that it addressed the fit issues I had had with the previous attempt to use this yarn. But, when I got up to the cabling part, it didn’t really look cabled. I thought, maybe it’s just the first few rows, maybe it takes several to get into it. So, I plodded on, hopefully. It was not to be. After 4 or 5 repeats of the cable part, it still looked flat, and the cables did not stand out from the rest of the stitches like the pictures show on the pattern. So, now, in hindsight, did I do the right thing?

I don’t know. Maybe I just need some chocolate…


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