Look what I discovered!

Nest outside bedroom window, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

This has been a busy week! I’m exhausted. But, see those 3 eggs? I found those yesterday morning. So that’s what they mean by robin’s egg blue, huh? Momma bird came back though, and she’s been quite diligent. That nest is right below the window on my side of the bedroom, so I had to clear one of the baskets of yarn out of that corner, so the kids could see.

On the knitting front, let’s see. I started some new socks, because the ones I had going just weren’t doing it for me. I don’t know if it’s the season or what. I have some nice minty green Palette that last week I started a Sweet Pea on. Pattern’s on Knitty.com, and last night I turned the heel on it. It looks fantastic. So good, that actually I’m thinking that maybe that pattern could be the answer to my alpaca sock problems.

I also got the bug to play with that laceweight yarn I got with the idea of knitting it double stranded to make socks. It’s called Gossamer, from Knitpicks, and I separated it out and divided it in half and re-wound it into balls, double stranded, and started a sock. The entire hank was said to have 440 yards, I think, and I know I can get a decent pair of anklets out of only a smidge over 200 yards, so I figured it should work out. But after I would the balls up, they looked a bit small. So, I thought, I should maybe add some K2tog, YO in there to make the yarn go just a bit further. I fiddled around a bit, and ended up writing up my very own pattern. Now, I’m sure that others have probably come up with the very same pattern, but I didn’t look at their stuff. I’m pretty proud of it. It’s a 5 stitch repeat, with alternating YO’s and K2tog’s on one row, and YO’s and SSK’s on another row. I’ll post the pattern later on with a picture.

Side note…Russell came upstairs to check on the birds, and I can hear him in there talking to the Momma. Cute.


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