Sweet Pea socks, so far, and Nutkin problems

Sweet Pea socks, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Well, actually, a little farther than that. I’ve turned the heel already, and started the pattern up the backside as well. This is really turning out to be a beautiful sock.

I couldn’t work on these at the soccer games today, as the games were too exciting, and this pattern requires too much attention. Good thing I took that blue yarn that I made David’s fingerless mitts out of. I had meant to start on his socks last night, but was having a Nutkin night (more on that later), and ended up starting his socks today at the games. They were all very good, and I don’t remember anyone’s score, but fun was had by all, and that’s what really matters in the end.

Once again, I win the Mother of the Year award, for not noticing that the sun was actually out today, and not even thinking about sunscreen, and not noticing until bathtime tonight that the kid’s faces are all sunburnt, and they have that nice red V on their chest, as outlined from their soccer shirts. David’s arms got it a bit too. Good think I know right where the aloe vera is.

Now, on to Nutkin. I thought I was done with the first sock. I had done 3 repeats for the leg, then last night at knitting night, I looked at it again, and decided that it needed to be about 1 repeat longer. So, during out time at Panera, I added that repeat and started on the ribbing. I got through 11 row of 2 x 2, and decided that it looked just right. So, at that point it was time to head home, and I did. Got home and bound off and cut the yarn. Then I tried on the sock. I couldn’t get the dang thing up over my heel. I could not figure it out. I had tried it on before, when I was starting the heel, to make sure I was starting at the right place. I tried it on again when I thought the heel was halfway there, to make sure it was just a little big on me, as these are for my sister. I even tried it on again, after I had completed the short row heel, and done a few rows of stockinette on the back, to see if I was starting the heel side pattern stitches up high enough that they wouldn’t be hidden by the back of the shoe. What I didn’t do, however, was to try on the sock after starting the pattern stitches all the way around the leg. Apparently, the pattern tends to shrink up the fabric a bit. So, now I’m scrambling, trying to think of ways to fix it. Someone suggested going up a needle size, someone else suggested adding some additional stitches into the P2’s that separate the pattern stitches. I think I’ll do both. For now, though, I think I’ll just cry. They look so nice, why don’t they fit?


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