Lost: my mojo & Found: a sock pattern

Blue Jeans socks, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Well, this sucks. I haven’t been blogging, barely been knitting; I have been in a bit of a funk/slump ever since thost Nutkin problems. I think I’m on the road to recovery though. Here’s what’s happened…

The baby birds all hatched yesterday or the day before. We’ve been scouring the ground beneath for pieces of eggshell, but we haven’t found anything. I don’t know if the pieces are just too tiny, or if they’re blending in with the almost same color flowers that are blooming beneath the tree, or if the wind took them. It is rather cool though. The babies, I mean. The first day, they looked, well, pretty gross. They were a little hard to see, as I’m looking through a screen and many small branches. They were pink and almost wormy looking and I couldn’t see really any feathers. Now that I think about it, they looked almost fetus-like, as though they had maybe been born a little too soon. But, now that it’s been a day or 2, I can see little fuzzies on them. Hubby called them puffins or something. The boys now have to check on them several times a day, and I love how they’re being so careful not to scare the mommy bird away. Russell says that she’s their blanket.

Update on the Nutkins – After careful deliberation, and much asked questions on Ravelry, I frogged back to where I started the pattern on the leg. I carefully re-inserted my size 1’s into the loops, then commenced knitting with the size 2’s. That first row, I also increased in one of the P2’s to make it a P3. I did one row regular, then did another P increase to make it P4 in between the pattern stitches. After a couple more knit regular rows, I slipped it on my foot, and so fat it fits over my heel. I plan on going up one full pattern repeat and then trying it on again to make sure I can still get it on. Right now, all I can do is cross my fingers and knit. But not at the same time.

The alpaca shawl is, I think, knock on wood and all that, the only think I haven’t blown up. I’m almost afraid to work on it for fear I will. I did start the other side, the other week, after checking with the ladies at my knitnight to verify that the little boob-like things on the side of the border will be able to be blocked out. I still don’t know if I’m going to try to enter it in the fair or not. I guess I’ll see how it looks blocked out.

Went to the sale at my LYS on Saturday, and it was very nice. The owner had several boxes outside that were all $3 yarn, and all thre rest inside was 30% off!!! I got 2 hanks of Lorna’s Laces Swirl DK, which has already told me it wants to be a plain stockinette sock. I keep starting plain easy socks, then somehow they turn into a patterned one. I need a plain one that I don’t have to look at. But, the thing is, I’m still on the foot, and there’s so much yarn there, I almost want to do something on the leg that maybe would use up some yarn that maybe I couldn’t do with other yarns because I don’t have enough. So, I’m thinking maybe a little cabling or something. I guess I’ll see when I get there.

Also, following me home was a huge hank, 437 yards if I remember right, of Cascade hand-painted sock yarn. It may be called Heritage. Thing is, it’s the colors. A long time ago, when I realized that there were other yarn out there than regular worsted weight Red Heart, not that there’s anything wrong with that, in my book, it’s just that that’s all I thought there was, I found Lion Brand Homespun. It was so cool and bumpy and didn’t look like yarn really. It took several years, I’m ashamed to say, to realize WHY they called it Homespun, because it looks like it’s barely been spun. It’s a real buger to crochet with because you can’t really see your stitches to be able to stitch into them on the next row. Knitting with it, is easy and goes pretty fast. A few summers ago, I made my oldest son a hoodie sweater out of it. The only problem was seaming it. I get anal on the seaming, and want to make sure that I’m actually seaming row 8 to row 8 and all that. I had to pin the thing all over and seam carefully so it would end up right. But, the sweater turned out great and he loves it. Now, where was I? Oh yes, back to the beginning of the Homespun…they used to have these gently variated colors and one of them was called Mission. My sister fell in love with this, as did I. It was jewel colors and black, think emerald green, sapphire blue, and pigeon bood red ruby. That’s what this sock yarn is. It’s Mission colors, in a sock yarn. And, best part is…there’s enough there for 2 pairs of socks. Wonder Twin powers – Activate!

One more thing from the sale, a ball of this off-white silky stuff that will be the waist line thing on that Stargazer that I’ve decided to knit the other way now.

Oh yes, and lastly, that picture way up there…those are my Blue Jeans socks. Yarn is Blue Jeans Gossamer, knit double stranded with size 2’s. Here’s the pattern I made up. It’s a multiple of 5 stitches, so it’s pretty easy to transfer to anything else…

Row 1 – *K3, K2tog, YO, rep from * across

Row 2 – K across

Row 3 – *K1, SSK, YO, K2, rep from * across

Row 4 – K across.

There, pretty easy, huh? My sock is 60 stitches around, 30 in front and 30 in back, so I have 6 repeats on the top. I’m finishing up the heel, and once I do that, I think I’ll switch to plain ribbing for the rest of it.

Oh yes, I also started another sock, this one for oldest son David. It’s using the rest of the yarn I did his fingerless mitts with, and he wanted another pair of Horcrux socks. The pattern calls for worsted weight or fingering weight yarn, and this is sock yarn, so what I’m going to do is just put more knit stitches in between the lightening bolt parts. I’m just doing the heel on that one too. I actually did one heel last night at soccer practice, but then had David try it on, and it barely fit. I want these to be just a bit big on him, since summer’s coming up, and I want him to be able to wear them in the fall. So, I ripped out the heel and did a few more rows of the foot. Now, I have to wait for him to get out of school to try it on again and make sure it’s a little too big.

Whew, I’m exhausted now. Knit or laundry? Hmmmmm.


1 Response to “Lost: my mojo & Found: a sock pattern”

  1. 1 KnittingGnome May 7, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Knit or laundry? You have to ask? Knit of course (unless someone is out of underwear…then you might need to throw in some laundry, but you can still knit while it is washing!)!!

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