Nutkin problems again, oh yeah, and some cashmere!

Dang it. I’ve done several rows in the bigger size needles, and it looks horrible. The stitches are way too loose, so I’ve decided I must frog again, and figure out increases a different way. I have got to stay with the size 1’s. I had already increased the P2’s to P4’s, over a couple of rows, so what I may do is to keep that increase, and if it’s still too small, add in one more purl and possibly increase a knit stitch in each pattern repeat around.

Did I even mention about the Horcrux socks? The first one is at the heel now. I had to frog the heel once because I wanted to make it a little big for David, and it was fitting him just right. I added on a few more stockinette rows, then started the heel, and he just now tried it on, and I think it’ll be alright. Assuming he doesn’t grow too much this summer.

The blue jeans socks are almost done, at least the first one. I was working on it at Patrick’s soccer practice tonight, and it’s to the point where I need to measure what I have left to do the binding off with.

I’ve also been trolling the pattern section on Ravelry, ever since hubby announced he was getting me 10 balls of cashmerefor Mother’s Day. It’s only 45 yards a ball, which leaves me to a nice scarf or a sleeveless top. Right now I’m leaning towards the top, and I have a couple picked out. I’ll see when I get the yarn, and spend some quality time with it and let it tell me what it wants to be.

I am so loving that Lorna’s Laces too. It’s merino and silk, and I’m looking at the huge ball I have left; I’m about to do the heel, and there’s so much there! I think I’ll definately have to do something, maybe a few cables or something. Or then again, I could just keep them nice and plain, and then have some lovely leftovers to give to someone…


1 Response to “Nutkin problems again, oh yeah, and some cashmere!”

  1. 1 KnittingGnome May 8, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    Oooohhh, cashmere!! That sounds lovely. Can’t wait to see what you make with it!!

    I am knitting with merino/silk blend, too. Isn’t it soft!! Makes me want to knit with nothing else…ever!

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