Nice, huh?

Mother’s Day present, 2008, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Got this from my sister for Mother’s Day. Only thing is, she wants me to save the sock yarn until I come see her so she can squish it too. She said, ordering it online just isn’t the same.

I’m going to try to go see her in June, hopefully coinciding a visit with the Yarn Harlot as well. She had to re-do her trip to Oak Lawn due to some terrific snowstorms, and she’s re-scheduled for June 20. Maybe I can even get my sister’s hubby to take care of the 3 boys so she and I can go see Stephanie together.

Let’s see, what’s new on the knitting front…I finished the first blue jeans sock, it looks and feels great. Almost done with the first Horcrux sock, I’m starting the cuff part. The Nutkin, which I originally thought I’d try to finish before seeing sister again, is in a time out until I feel like it.

Oh, I’ve been working on the Stargazer a lot. That angora is so very nice. I put the bottom ribbing aside, and cast on for the first sleeve, did the seed stitch border, and did around 30 rows of stockinette before starting with the feather and fan. I started with just one repeat, centered over the top center of the sleeve, then on the next repeat, I added one additional repeat on either side. I’ve been working with only those 3 repeats for many rows now, and I’m trying to judge where to put in 2 more, but I have to make sure I’m leaving enough to sew to the waist band part. I am so loving this pattern, and I see so many possibilities. I want to make several more of these, including one for my sister.

Last soccer games on Saturday. This season seemed to go fast. Then summer vacation. Yay. I think.


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