What? Another sock?

Lorna’s Laces, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Why yes, what’s wrong with that? This was part of my great find over at the KnitWit sale the other week. I had heard of Lorna’s Laces, but never used it, and pretty much thought I wouldn’t for quite some time, due to what I thought the price probably would be. Imagine my glee when I spotted these in the $3 boxes outside! Now, I’m only kicking myself that I didn’t buy every single one of them. They’re merino wool and silk, 85/15 I think. I’m doing just plain vanilla socks, and am almost on the cuff on sock #1. I think I’m just going to do plain ribbing, and then save the rest for some fingerless mitts. I do love the other ones I made from the souvenier yarn from Hawaii, and I think I’d actually like another pair. Or maybe give a pair to my sister. We’ll see.

I actually got a picture of the baby birds today, so I’ll try to remember to post that tomorrow. The boys have 1 make up game and a scrimmage tomorrow night, then their final games on Saturday. I think I’m baking a big Toll House pan cookie for David’s scrimmage, because no one ever brings snacks for his games.

Anything else? No, don’t think so. No sign of the cashmere yet, but I’m hoping it might go with that alpaca yarn and I can make something bigger.


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