Knitting or naptime???

Alpaca and Cashmere, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

A lot has been happening the past few days.

My dad has come for a visit, which is fantastic. He got to see my boys play their last soccer games, which he doesn’t really care about, but it means a lot to them to have him here. He bought David a new bike for his birthday, which was in January, but he couldn’t get down here then. He even took care of all 3 of them last night so I could still go to my knitting night when Steve’s meeting thing ran over. He’s not leaving for a few days, and we have some fun stuff planned.

My cashmere from Steve came on the same day my dad did. I’m happy to report that it coordinates beautifully with the alpaca from my sister! So, I think it’ll be fun. I’m looking at a sweater pattern called ANGST, for Abigail’s No Gauge Swatch Top. It’s on Ravelry, and I’m planning for the center panels to be the alpaca part and the outside part to be the cashmere. Steve made me promise though, that I finish the angora sweater first.

On that front, the Stargazer is coming along quite lovelry. I’m almost to the part where I’m going to start the feather and fan pattern all around the sleeve. Right now, there’s only 3 repeats across. It sure is fun to knit.

Today was the last soccer games for the boys, and we’re all exhausted. It didn’t help that it was 83. I’m not ready for summer yet. I hate all that sweaty weather. I wish it’d just stay around 65 to 70. Someday, when I rule the world, …

Right now, though, I’m going to go lay down. Naptime wins.


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