Summer Vacation

Today is David’s last day, and I think I’m gonna cry.  They do this parade thing at the school for the 4th graders.  Next year, he’ll be in middle school.  They have all the underclassmen (1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders) line the gym and the 4th graders parade through them while they’re all clapping and wishing them well.  Then, the 4th graders are supposed to parade down the hallway, which is supposed to be lined with the parents, and they leave the school for the last time.  I’m tearing up just thinking about it.  Am I just a big baby?  Can I get away with blaming it on my allergies?  What’s the pollen count for the day?  Why’s the alphabet in that order?

Yesterday was Patrick’s last day.  They put on this cute little performance that almost made me tear up, but it was sort of worse, because I could not stop yawning, and it kept making my eyes water, and Steve kept looking at me with that “Are you seriously crying at this?” look, which I wasn’t.  Last night was Patrick’s soccer party at Zonker’s, a Chucky Cheese sort of restaurant that doesn’t serve beer for the parents.  This party was way easier than ones in the past though, because Steve arranged it with his church practice people that if they really needed him there, they were going to have to wait until 8:30 for him to get there because he promised he’d be there for me and Patrick’s party.  All together now… Awwwwww.  Steve has had to miss every one of those parties because of practice.  It was so much easier having him there; he took Russell, and I took Patrick, and we let David wander around by himself, and I even had fun for a few minutes playing air hockey with Patrick.  And, in case that wasn’t enough, we get to do it all again on Tuesday for Russell’s soccer party!  Oh joy and rapture unconfined.

Been alternating working on the alpaca lace shawl and my socks.  I gave up on finishing the Horcrux socks before school got out.  I started turning the heel on the second sock of my Blue Jeans ones last night, and the short rows seemed to be going on and on and on.  I stopped and looked, and it looked not quite right, and I checked my notes, and it looked like I did what I thought I did.  Problem was I didn’t take real good notes.  I always do that.  I think, well, I’ll be doing the other one right away, and I’ll just jot down something real quick, and I’ll just remember the rest.  Yeah, right.  What I finally figured out I did was that I did a few gusset type increases, which I wrote down, and started them on the same row.  I did, I think, 4 on each side.  Then when I started short-rowing (is that a verb?) I thought I used ALL of those stitches, including the little increases.  Apparently, I did not do that on the 1st sock.  So, after getting all the way to where I should start short-rowing back up, I had to frog.  One entire hour or so of sock.  When am I going to learn?  Maybe it would help if I didn’t have like 47 different projects going at once.  Nah.

Knitting night tonight.  I’m so excited.  It’s so much fun to get together with them.  They’re all so interesting and fun and it’s so neat to see what they’re working on, how far they got (or didn’t ) since last time, what new stuff they bought since last time, and turns out, they sometimes have problems with their kids too!  Go figure!  I feel like I’m in a special little yarn club.  I almost wish I could go every night, but then I think it wouldn’t be as cool.  One of the ladies wants to do a morning thing.  That’s dangerous, I think.  If I get there that early, I can totally see us all staying there pretty much all day.  Would that be a bad thing though?



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