Knit Night

You know how some nights you just don’t need the beer?  This was one of them.  My neighbor and crochet friend Heather came along to get help to work on her boobie pillow.  See ravelry.  She had never crocheted in the round before.  Julie brought leftover cupcakes and beer, which stayed in her car last night.  Virginia brought her Peruvian wool pillow/hank.  It was a very pretty brown.  Shalva brought her Lorna’s Laces, and other yarns she had bought in Israel, and her non-knitting friend from work, and when she came, they both promptly left for Chipolte for margarita’s, I think.  I made her friend feel the cashmere before she left though.  She had that look on her face that said, well, now at least I know Shalva’s not the only one…

Took the boys to the zoo today, until the complaining and whining told us they were ready for the drove home.  I’m pretty sure they all fell asleep.  I did.  But, in the mean time, I got to the ribbing on my Blue Jeans socks, the second one.  If I get my act in gear, I may just finish up the pair today.

Steve is trying to convince me to get a booth at the Maple Leaf Festival in the fall, to maybe sell a few things, and more likely, he thinks, to get future orders.  I just don’t know.  I don’t know what to price things.  I don’t want to price them too low, and completely undervalue my efforts and the amount of time I put into them.  But, then again, who seriously would pay anywhere near an hourly wage for something?  If I priced them by the hours it took me, you’re talking about a $400 pair of socks.  Not that I’d make socks for anyone and then sell them.  If I do this, I’d do washcloths (go green, you know), shawls, hats, scarves, mittens maybe, and possibly some baby blankets.  We’ll see I guess.

More later, I’ve got to figure out how to get a good picture of some of my tomato boxes.


1 Response to “Knit Night”

  1. 1 KnittingGnome May 24, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    I love that you made her friend feel the cashmere! So something that I would do! As for pricing, most of the time I see dishcloths for $5 or $3 for $12 at the street fairs in this area (always Grandma’s Favorite dishcloths…nothing elaborate). You could check etsy to get some pricing ideas.

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