Tomato boxes, spare bedroom yarn storage

Here’s the upstairs portion of my yarn storage. We won’t talk about the stuff in my bedroom. See those nice tomato boxes? They’re from my dad. He calls before he comes down to visit, to see if I need any. Then I can place my “order” with him. Sometimes, I can get them down here, at the Target. But none lately. Good thing he called though, these are pretty full. The empty ones are still in the basement, waiting to be filled and stored on the shelves down there. I may save a few though, for when we go visit him in a month or so. They’re so handy for the kids to keep their clothes in, and they fit perfectly in the back of the minivan. I just give one box to each kid, write their name on the side there, and tell them to put in like 5 each of t-shirts, shorts, underwearn, nightshirts, a couple pairs of socks, and their swimtrunks. That way, I’m killing 2 birds (I always hate that) with one stone. The packing’s getting done, not by me, and they’re learning how to do it. Sometimes my anal side kicks in, and I want to put the shorts on the bottom, cause they’re bigger, and neatly stack the t-shirts next to them, even taking the time to match them up, so they can grab them in order, and they’ll go together, and so on. Then I relax, and say, if they don’t do it themselves, how are they going to learn? If I tell them to do it, then after they’re done, do it over again for them, what’s that going to teach them, other than, whatever I did isn’t good enough, Mom still had to do it anyway, next time she asks me to do something, why should I when she’s just going to re-do it anyway? I’m trying to learn to relax a little. I still pack the cooler and food though. Don’t want the sandwiches under the water bottles, now do we?

We’re not sure exactly when we’re driving over there to see them. I’m thinking of waiting until gas goes up to $5 a gallon. The plan is, to leave here in the morning, around 8 or 9, get past Des Moines by lunch time, to stop at the Amana Colonies for a picnic, and maybe buy some yummy cheese, then go the rest of the way towards Chicago and get to my sister’s in Aurora by supper. I can usually call her when we’re like an hour out, and she starts fixing something so it’ll be ready when we get there.

Don’t know how we’re going to make it down to FL in Sept for our Disney cruise. If we fly, it’ll be $$$$$$ for 5 tickets, plus the extra $ for however many suitcases too many we have. I heard there’s one airline that’s already charging for even 1 checked bag. I think we’d be alright on the way down, the boys’ stuff is small, and we might be able to cram it in a carry-on size (I wonder what they’d say if we brought the clothes in tomoto boxes on the plane…HA), the problem would be ont he way back. We’re going on a Disney Vacation Club Members Only Cruise. Now, I have discovered that I am not at all a cruise person. I don’t get sick or anything, it’s just the activities and things. I’m not a social person. At all. If I had my way, I’d pretty much be a hermit, I think. The thing is, the kids aren’t. And Steve too. As much as I shun other people, they thrive on it.

The good thing about the Disney cruises, and the members only in particular, is 3-fold. First off, the kids have so much fun, you won’t believe it. There’s a reason why they charge almost as much as the adult fare as they do for the kids. There’s these kid’s clubs, and we almost don’t even see them the entire time. There’s activities, experiments, games, playing, movies, stuff I don’t even know about. Secondly, this member’s only cruise is going to Castaway Cay 2 times. It’s Disney’s own island, and it’s beautiful. I’m also not a beach kind of girl, and I love this place. Thirdly, because it’s a members only one, we get presents. I don’t know exactly what to expect, but the one we went on a couple years ago oh my gosh. It started with these cute collapsible boxes that contained a sketch pad, pencils, a Mickey alarm clock, and some other things I don’t remember. But, we got 5 of them, even though Russ was like 9 months old. He had a ticket, he got the goods. There was a gift every night of the cruise, one of them being, planned out I’m sure, a nice zipper top tote bag, or rather, 5 of them, which we ended up needing to get all of that stuff home. You can actually see the bag there in the left side of the closet…it says I know the secret. I think you can make out the “w the …ret!” part of that. We also got special pins, which I wasn’t all that thrilled about, but hey, they’re gifts, and ginormous beach towels, and lithographs and I can’t remember what else.

Now, before you all go thinking that I have money coming out my rear end…let me explain. The only reason we can afford this is because we joined the Disney Vacation Club years ago. It works sort of like a time share, in that, officially, we own a piece of property over at one of their resorts. We have a deed for mortgage purposes and everything. We have never stayed there. What we get is a certain # of points to spend each year on whatever. There’s point charts for each of the Disney resorts, and the # of points that it “costs” to stay there varies, on season, and popularity of the resort. For example, and don’t quote me here, since I’m not checking the charts…it may cost 12 points a night to stay in a one bedroom over at resort #1 if you go on a weeknight during the low season, like August, while it may cost 50 points to get that same room for Christmas or Thanksgiving. The rooms have kitchens and dishes and everything like that, so it’s great to bring your own food and save $ that way. There’s also many non-Disney places that have an agreement with Disney so we can use our points there as well. A few years ago, we got to stay at Grand Hotel on Macinac Island, the hotel where “Somewhere In Time” was filmed, and last year we stayed at Hotel Del Coronado, where I can’t remember which Marilyn Monroe movies were filmed there. There’s a famous dining room there called the Crown Room, and Frank Baum designed the chandeliers. Both places, I looked at the room rates, and almost choked. There’d be no way we’d ever be able to afford the cash to stay there. Thank you Disney.

Russell just came up here and announced that David got himself overheated and just puked downstairs. I really hope he made it to the toilet.

Update… he did. Must go fix pallet now and turn on the fan for David. More on him later. I have to write about the wax museum.

Edited to add, remember yesterday, my friend who’s making the boobie pillow? Forgot to mention, she also makes jewelry, and she’s going to put a nipple ring in it. Nice, huh?


2 Responses to “Tomato boxes, spare bedroom yarn storage”

  1. 1 KnittingGnome May 25, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    So funny that you mention that you are a hermit and your kids are social. It is the same here. DH is very social. Both boys are just like him. They have never met a stranger. I am naturally very shy and reserved. It takes me a long time to feel comfortable and warm up to people/situations. My kids have been trying to forcibly drag me out of my shell! How can I not speak to a stranger in the mall when both my boys are talking to them?!

    Sorry your little one is having a rough day. Hope he is cooled down and feeling better!

  2. 2 Janet May 26, 2008 at 12:53 am

    Hey thanks for the details about Disney Club. I really want to go to Disney World but we live in San Diego and the $$$is way too much for five people. Maybe I will look into the Club think somemore.

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